Black JLRacing XXL Rowing Unisuit

Why should big, tall, chubby, fluffy, heavyset, and fat athletes wear rowing unisuits and wrestling singlets during their workouts?

Yellow and Black JLRacing Rowing Unisuit

JLRacing Unisuit

Because we spend so much time being afraid of our t-shirts flying over our head, exposing our flabby pale flanks, our plumber cracks, or anything that makes us insecure, especially men, who are always pulling down their t-shirts at the gym in the same way someone might constantly and self-consciously adjust a revealing or I’ll fitting bikini or gown.

And nobody wants to see our bellies and butts during floor work and lat pull-downs. And when I’m on a jog, I don’t like feeling my tummy move as I run.

Or, when I’m bicycling or at spin, I don’t have to worry about mooning those around me whenever I wear my wrestling singlet or rowing unisuit, ordered to size, underneath my sweatshirt and t-shirts.

I can feel free to go to 9round and roll all over the floor doing abs and plans and when I do yoga I can try to hit all the Asanas without revealing all sorts of the flesh and skin I’m working hard to shed. It makes such a difference, at least for me. I recommend it.

It also prevents chaffing between thighs and nipples and any other chaffing problems.

Its a little expensive but they last forever, are well made, you can get cheaper ones, and they also act a little bit like Spanx under clothing.

JLRacing XXL Black Rowing Unisuit

My JLRacing XXL Black Rowing Unisuit

I just received my custom-sewn black XXL rowing unisuit from JLRacing to add to my drawer full of various and sundry JLRowing trou and unisuits.

Why do I order unisuits and not just the rowing trou, which look like bike shorts but don’t extend over the torso into a tank top like the rowing unisuit does. 

My weight yo-yos between healthy eating and running, rowing, and lifting and getting obsessed with work and forgetting to put in the miles and getting seduced by a natural addiction to food.

Along the way, I have developed some body dysmorphic disorder and general shyness about my body even during the best of times. While I am shirt-off at the pool and beach, I am very self conscious whenever I am spinning at Biker Barre, doing intensive floor work at 9Round, doing all the mat stuff at RowVigor, or even the belly-baring exercises I do at XSport Express gym.  

My solution for all of these embarrassing scenarios is to wear a rowing singlet under my t-shirt and shorts. When I reach up to do my lat-pulldown exercises at the gym, nobody can see my belly, they just see the black lycra of my unisuit.  

When I do a sun salutation at Yoga, my t-shirt does reveal my torso if I don’t tuck in, but that’s OK with the unisuit because all anyone sees is the slimming black lycra of the top of what looks exactly like a wrestler’s singlet. 

Are you sold yet? Too expensive? Always going to wear it under your clothes? Smaller than XXL and happy to try out XL and smaller? Here are some pro-tips!


My XL JLRacing bargain tights are bright!

Most of the time I order from the cheap seats called the Bargain Unisuits which are $32.95 instead of $48.95 retail for the Original Unisuit: Black but I am currently bigger than usual so I thought I would try the XXL, which JLRacing doesn’t keep on hand. But when you order from the Men’s Bargain Unisuits or the Women’s Bargain Unisuits, you don’t get to choose which uni you get — you need to choose between No White, No Hi-Viz, As Bright as Possible, As Dark as Possible, and Surprise Me! but it’s worth the difference in $16 is worth it — plus, it’s fun, especially if you order the Bargain Tights because whenever I have done that I have gotten loads of crazy patters including zebra stripes and blue snakeskin.

Please Note: since the fabric is made of Drywick and Lycra Spandex it’s slippery. I use a SPIBelt to cinch my shorts to me so they don’t fall down. I use the SPIBelt anyway in order to make sure my smartphone, keys and wallet are always on me so it’s just convenient. So, if you can’t cinch down your overshorts or overpants, find something like a SPIbelt or something else like a nylon strap and buckle to keep your shorts up the way I do.

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2017 Concept2 Summer Challenge Logo Large

Join the Concept2 Dog Days Challenge of Summer Challenge

2017 Concept2 Summer Challenge Whole LogoThe Dog Days of Summer are almost upon us! August 1–28, 2017! What better time for a Concept2 Challenge?

Complete the Dog Days of Summer challenge by finishing each of the following four distance goals in the timeframes indicated and log them in your online logbook:

  • Week 1, Aug. 1–7: 10,000 meters
  • Week 2, Aug. 8–14: 20,000 meters
  • Week 3, Aug. 15–21: 30,000 meters
  • Week 4, Aug. 22–28: 40,000 meters

Distances are cumulative (you don’t have to complete 10,000 meters in one sitting, for instance), and all meters—rowing or skiing, indoors or out—count.

Plus, this year, Concept2 added an optional level for kids and adaptive athletes.

Learn More

hardtail Harly Sportster Ape Hangers

A man’s salon is his castle

Crow Bar DCDoes anyone remember Crow Bar? Downtown DC? Epicenter for Couriers and Bikers in the 90s?

There was a handsome Italian-looking dude there who always parked his hardtail Sportster with tall ape-hangers right outside the bar.

Maybe he was the Crow Bar DC bartender or maybe he was at the bar — no he was definitely behind the bar. He was in traditional biker leathers one afternoon as I was nursing a beer at the bar. 

Dude was badass cool biker dude and not one of those Corporate Lawyer playing dress-up for Sturgis kind of guys.

A woman came around and tried to pull over his bike and he flew over the bar and was at his bike in a second. She didn’t get the bike over because the ape hanger bars were a little loose (tall for city riding and pulled back for highway rides) and they just gave way when she tugged.

Harley-Davidson Hardtail Sportster Apehanger BarsHe came back and reported what had happened in that altercation: Italian biker dude owns a high-end Beauty Salon and he had done her hair and charged her full price and the husband had freaked out and they had been harassing him, including calling at all hours and leaving nasty voice mails.

He stopped, looked up, and very seriously and without satire at all, and said:

“A man’s salon is his castle!”

Leather Motorcycle JacketI later discovered that he affected a much much more feminine personality when he worked at his salon.

At DC’s iconic dive barCrow Bar, when I was in my 20s, he was the kind of cool badass older brother or uncle you looked up to and admired.

But when I was riding around DC (I was a bike courier) I saw him in his salon and he was prancing around and being very femme.

I’ll never forget that quote. I guess a man’s salon is his castle, indeed.

Sadly, it looks like Crow Bar will never be resurrected here in DC. Memories…

Crow Bar DC Logo Decal

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