Slowly but don’t call me Shirley

Date Distance Time Pace
12/9/2015 2,387m 13:22.6 02:48.1
12/8/2015 8,888m 51:38.1 02:54.2
12/5/2015 3,958m 21:27.6 02:42.6
12/5/2015 6,368m 36:49.0 02:53.4
12/2/2015 8,987m 49:37.9 02:45.6
12/1/2015 7,593m 43:22.0 02:51.3
11/29/2015 10,042m 58:53.3 02:55.9

c2hCMissed a couple more days and only got in 11,275 meters just now, around midnight (so it’s noted as happening on December 9th, Wednesday).

So, slow going.

But Chris, surely you’ll make it?

I will make it, and don’t call me Shirley.

So far during the entire 2015 Concept2 Holiday Challenge I have only logged 48,223/200,000 meters — only 24.1% of the total row.  

What that means is that I need to row 9,486 meters every single day between now and midnight on Christmas Eve.

Wish me luck!

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