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Trying one meal a day—OMAD

If you go down the Keto diet rabbit hole, you’ll end up reading about IF—intermittant fasting; and, if you spend enough time on reddit, you’ll eventually discover the OMAD subreddit: One Meal A Day.  It’s simple: eat like a king once-a-day, somewhere between 4pm and 8pm, but only for an hour. Then, stop eating for the next 23-hours.

When you’re following the one-meal-a-day diet you don’t eat anything for 23-hours-a-a-day; but, when you do eat, for that one hour-a-day, you eat like a healthy king: 1,500-1,700 calories consumed in a short hour somewhere between 4pm-8pm.

During those daily 23-hour intermittent fasts I am only allowed to drink black hot tea, black iced tea, iced water, and black coffee. That’s it. Some folks are good with lemon water, but that’s a controversial group on reddit.

Tomorrow’s my first day and here’s how I plan to do it:

  • When I feel hungry, I know I am probably thirsty: water, coffee, tea
  • Keep my kitchen completely empty of any food besides tea, coffee, and water
  • Make sure I go out to eat my one meal outside of home office
  • My one meal needs to be inclusive of all my calories and micronutrients
  • If I want some of my calories to be a beer or a wine, it’s good
  • If I want my calories for the day to be a burrito or a burger, that’s OK, too
  • Try my best to eat healthily but don’t beat myself up if I don’t
  • Having a beer or some wine kills every diet except this one, thank God!
  • I have chosen Sunday for my cheat day because I don’t want to say no to brunch

Here’s my schedule for next week. It’s pretty much weak tea but tea’s okay:

My One Meal a Day Plan OMAD Chris Abraham

My Proposed Weekly One Meal a Day Plan

I think that if I try to keep my food in the lean protein and raw vegetables as much as I can then burritos and beans and rice with guac and vegetables are close to perfect diets. And, just for reference, once nice meal plus a couple beers generally end up being around 1,500-1,700 calories.

This eccentric diet makes sense to me: satisfy myself once-a-day and then just focus on all the work I need to get done for the rest of the day without even being able to daydream about snacks or preparing breakfast or lunch or any of that stuff. 

Right now I have Eating One Meal A Day: The Intermittent Fasting Revolution For Beginners: Lose weight, beat disease and fight aging! by Eric Blackburn and One Meal a Day: A Breakthrough Diet with Health, Energy, and Focus: Seven Simple Steps to a Fast Bulletproof Diet by Ben Frank Ph.D. on my Amazon Kindle and my Goodreads bookshelf so I will follow-up with this, my rash dieting decision, when I get more information and medical advice from a couple experts.

The Keto diet just didn’t work for me. My biggest issue is portion control. When I am not eating, I don’t think about eating; but, when it comes to mealtime, I eat until I’m full. The Keto diet takes up a lot of time and money to follow correctly—and I still over-ate.

I’m one of the over-eaters who’s out of the closet, not anonymous, and it’s much easier for me not to eat than it is to just have not even half-a-chicken or not even an entire avocado! I don’t know about you but I can’t ever stop at 4oz of breast or just one-half future quac. It’s my truth.


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