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Recovering after falling onto my back

lyle lovett large band at wolf trapI was so excited! I just launched this blog, posted my first couple posts, and then my feet flew out from underneath me and I made like a lucha libre and did a diving back elbow drop on myself!

I got immediately winded and lay there for a couple minutes catching my breath. I went down fast enough that I didn’t tighten my core or tuck or put down my arms. And I felt my back left rib cage compress and I knew I was going to get something bruised.  

Full of adrenaline and wine (we were picnicking at Wolf Trap right before seeing Lyle Lovett and His Large Band), I knew I was going to smart eventually but at the time I just sort of shook it off.  Then we put away the picnic basket and sat at our seats and by the time I got up I was gimpy and all associated muscles, tendons, and bones were aware of the trauma.  

I took some pain relievers and muscle relaxants when I got home but man, the timing was terrible. I had just started my Simple & Sinister plus my ad hoc every hour on the hour greasing the groove workout.

Xpress Care Urgent CareSo, that was last Friday and there was no bruising, fever, or anything else but I went to the local clinic across the street yesterday anyway and I have a clean bill of health in terms of internal injuries or anything like that.  What he did tell me though is that there’s no bending, lifting, or anything like that for at least two weeks or so.  

It’s especially a bummer because I have been doing easy 25×4 24kg swings after messing around with 12kg and 16kg kettlebells. It really was feeling amazing being so capable with such massive iron, at least to me.

I also noticed something else:  I underestimated my strength. It’s true that maybe my military press was a little weak but I have a very strong grip, hips, legs, and torso.  So, in the meanwhile, I’ll walk and stretch and maybe see what else I can do without straining myself or reinjuring myself.  But those bells are right across the room from me and I ache to start greasing my groove. 



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