We live in the future (I live in Mongolia)

I keep my Gerris18357237-mmmain​ office in a building in Columbia Heights, Arlington, Virginia. There’s a huge first-generation Mongolian contingent here. I assume most of the building. Skype, FaceTime, and Hangouts have erased the 6,509 miles between Dominion Towers​ and downtown Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia​.

It’s amazing. We live in the future.  I’m constantly impressed and amazed.

rotaryI remember as a little kid with my first girlfriend. She lived a few miles away but we would stay on the POTS for hours, just being together, maybe watching the same TV or just living together, apart. Later, as a young man, I would fall asleep on the phone with my girl, away at her parents, and the line would still be open in the morning.

dick-tracyBack in the days when long distance was expensive, I needed to save up to chat with my English Rose from Honolulu back when she lived in Norwich and I worked for my dad in Hawaii. I virtually bankrupted us.

That’s what immigrant families can do readily, globally, now — and for free. It’s amazeballs.

And I didn’t even mention Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Messenger, Nimbuzz, Fring, WeChat, ICQ, ooVoo, NetTalk, Tango, Vtok, LINE, KakaoTalk, LiveProfile, Groupme, Kik, and ChatON — I’m sure there’s more.


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