Concept2 Model C with Red Saucony Jazz Trainers

Slow, slow, slow I row gently on the erg

12/05/1521:27.63,958mIndoor Rower
12/05/1536:49.06,368mIndoor Rower
12/02/1549:37.98,987mIndoor Rower
12/01/1543:22.07,593mIndoor Rower
11/29/1558:53.310,042mIndoor Rower


It’s already December 5th, 2015, and I am only 36,948 meters in towards the 200 kilometers that I fully intend to collect between first thing 26 November.  

And I am about days in and, after today, only have 20-days left for the 2015 Concept2 Holiday Challenge.  

That means I have 163,052 meters to go, which is only ~8,152.6 meters/day for every day between now and midnight, Christmas Eve.

Wish me luck!  

I think it’s still technically doable. Phew.


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