Catching up with the Concept2 Holiday Challenge


hcToday was a good day because I pulled harder than I usually do. Because I am getting stronger.

10,660 total meters over two workouts, one after the other, actually. So, I am up to 81,643 meters of the 200,000 meters I aspire to hit by midnight, the night of Christmas Eve.  I have 13 more days to go.

As of today, I am 40.82% through the contest, which means I am almost half way through a little more than halfway through — I am really catching up!

And, with 118,357 meters to go, I just have to average 9,104.38 meters a day for the rest of the challenge.

23683026925_03cf50a089_oWhich is why I am trying to row at least 11k meters every day — to account for the days that are bound to happen when I just can’t get to the erg or just can’t find the time. 

The one thing that I keep on forgetting when it comes to challenges like this is that they’re not just days and weeks that feel like it did on day one.  

Honestly, very quickly, I adapt and you will do.

Don’t worry: if you feel like you want to vom or you’re bored or you feel like indoor rowing is super-lame, everything will be so different next week.

23057038873_f3a0d0b586_oI have only been rowing this 2015 Concept2 Holiday Challenge for a little over two weeks and I already feel like I am not simply counting the minutes until my 10km or 11km row is in and over.

Today, I kept myself amused by watching the CBS show Supergirl, which is a very moral tale, believe it not.

And you know who is as hot as she ever was? Calista Flockhart! So hot! So moral, too. But also so amusing — and everyone is so much fun to look at. And, generally speaking, I hate CBS. 



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