Fifteen-thousand meters in a go


hCHappy to say that I was able to knock out 15,000 meters today.

One 10,000 meter set and then a 5,000 meter set. 

And since Divergent and The Divergent Series: Insurgent were both “free” on HBO GO, I rowed through one and a quarter of these movies — which means I started the movie before I started and between sets because each movie is over two hours: 2h 19m and 1h 59m respectively. 

2015-12-13 19.19.16So: I’m 106,643 meters in, I have a goal of 200,000 meters before midnight Christmas Eve.

 So, I have “only” 93,357 meters to go which means as long as I can fit in a minimum of 9,695 meters every day between tomorrow and the end of Concept2’s Holiday Challenge!

Wish me luck!


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