Keep rowing between the challenges!

23851238656_d94d5269f4_oThe best thing for me to do is to row at least 10,000 meters every day for the rest of my life; and, the hardest thing to do is to continue rowing between Concept2 Online Challenges — which is stupid because each challenge is only long enough to really get you back into rowing shape so the dead zones between challenges are the most important times to row because you always be in tip-top shape if you row every day.

23683026925_03cf50a089_oInstead, when I wait for each challenge to begin to row, the first two weeks of a month-long challenge is spent limbering back up and getting to the point when my mobility, strength, and stamina catch up with the challenge before me.  

Also, remember, erging is always strenuous, even when you’re just pulling slow for challenge meters.  So, be sure to always drink plenty of water, take plenty of breaks, and stretch religiously — every single time.

2015 Concept2 Online Challenges

23326755114_559bb8d80b_oSo, in 2016, we have the Virtual Team ChallengeValentine ChallengeMud Season MadnessWorld Erg ChallengeGlobal MarathonSummer SolsticeSummer Super SprintsDog Days of SummerFall Team ChallengeSkeleton Crew, and then back to the Holiday Challenge. And, of course, there are the in-between times. 

Concept 2 Workout of the Day

23102987594_5b07d5f90b_oOne way to keep things going when you and I are not just rowing for meters, right next to the latest Amazon Video, Netflix, Google Play, and Hulu Plus blockbusters and binges streaming on my big TV.  

These are quick, efficient, and oftentimes very brutal erg pieces that might make you vomit if you’re not careful.

23102264873_51cbfe7ca6_oThese are called the Concept2 Workout of the Day (WOD) and you can choose from between a long-, medium-, and short-duration workout, 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60+minute workouts, sort of like the the CrossFit WODs.

While you can check them out every day on the website, it’s much more convenient to subscribe to the C2 WOD via email.

Merry Christmas!

Well, to celebrate Christmas, I did a quick 12,127 meters while watching Interstellar for free on Amazon Prime:

12/25/2015 23:2728:10.84,878m2:53.367530
12/25/2015 22:2634:06.65,921m2:52.868534
12/25/2015 0:0607:16.91,328m2:44.579572
 23:11 avg12,127m2:50 avg71 avg545 avg

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