Action films make for a grand row

2015-12-27 22.14.20While I appreciate UCanRow2’s recent article, 10 Indoor Rowing Workouts to Kill 10K, I must admit that my secret is watching streaming movies off of Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon.

Tonight, it was 100% Hulu Plus streaming over Roku onto my Sony Trinitron: Robocop and A View to a Kill.

I have some news: after two months of stretching out some really tight legs that have been giving me a lot of problems, I have finally stretched them out with a good hamstring stretch — a table stretch, a good quad stretch — a standing quad stretch, and a good calf stretch — against a wall

I finally feel like I am my own man again. The fluid in my left knee has abated, the stretches are much easier, my left knee is less crunchy (I had an ACL rebuild back in 1999), and I have spend a lot less time with my roller massage sticks

2015-12-27 22.15.51There’s a lot of reasons to keep my ass on that sliding seat but the number-one reason, surely, is because the more I row, the stronger I get; and, the stronger I get, the fitter I become; and, the fitter I become, the more weight I lose; and, the lighter I get, the quicker I’ll get back to running; and, the quicker I get back on the road, the quicker I’ll get even lighter and fitter; ultimately, my goal is to get back into the sliding seat of a real single shell in the form of my Hudson heavyweight single!

Here are my meters so far, up-to-date, over the last couple days.

12/27/2015 22:0718:18.43,305m2:46.176561
12/27/2015 21:0614:32.02,777m2:37.090609
12/27/2015 20:4625:50.04,659m2:46.376561
12/26/2015 23:2718:37.53,268m2:50.970541
12/26/2015 22:5911:04.71,905m2:54.466527

Maybe I can add some kettlebell swings back into the mix starting tomorrow! Wish me luck!


5 thoughts on “Action films make for a grand row

  1. Sarah @ UCanRow2

    Glad you liked our post! We’re all about rowing to movies and TV shows too. Dexter and Downton Abbey were popular around here during last year’s World Erg Challenge. Animated movies, also. Really anything that’s not too quiet or dialogue-dense (Sorry, Aaron Sorkin.) works great.

    1. Chris Abraham

      Wonderful! Yes, you’re doing amazing work. Thank you so much for dropping by and saying hello. If you ever have any news you’d like me to share here, just let me know and I’d be happy to oblige!

    1. Chris Abraham

      I honestly think that a combination kettlebell and erg workout could honestly be the perfect combo as long as we also stretch a lot and also make sure we also work out our chest, biceps, and other areas that rowing might miss.


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