Oy! My lumbago!

2016-01-04 15.26.20

I threw my back out last Saturday morning. It was a sleep injury, which I started getting when I turned 40. it’s not bad, it’s just annoying. And frustrating. 

So, now that it’s 2016, I have a lot of plans. I was supposed to start CrossFit last Monday. I was supposed to start the Virtual Team Challenge with my team, Team Grotto. I really can’t blame Spinning at Biker Barre for throwing out my back but it happened. Not a pinched nerve but some sort of spontaneous back weakness. Thank God it’s not Sciatica!

I am getting better but it’s paused CrossFit for a week and rowing until today or tomorrow. I am feeling better but I really must say I feel like a car the day after the warranty expires. It feels like I have spontaneously gone to seed.

Biker Barre, owner Katie Fouts, instructor Ingrid Nelson. Rob StrongHappy new year!

But, that happens sometimes. I need to keep on resting, stretching, and getting in some nice walking and light rowing.  I might have made it worse by going on a two-hour walkabout the day my back tweaked but I know one thing: when I searched Google about throwing out your back, Google was clear on four things: ice it immediately, heat it after 48 hours, allow your back to rest — rest is essential — and lose as much weight as possible.

2016 Concept2 Virtual Team Challenge Official LogoYes, carrying extra weight is obviously behind both my weak back and also my bothersome knees. Yes, it’s a catch-22, but I have all the tools required to turn this boat around.

I’ll see you at CrossFit South Arlington, Conor! Don’t worry, Hope, Hunter, Douglas, and Scott: I’ll start contributing meters ASAP my friends! I will not abandon Team Grotto in the Virtual Team Challenge!


2 thoughts on “Oy! My lumbago!

    1. Chris Abraham

      Well, luckily my back has been, generally, pretty strong. So, I will give it some more rest and then work on dropping weight and really strengthening my core. Thanks, Terry — I owe you some emails and some bartering! And, thanks for visiting.

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