Giving 9Round Columbia Pike my money

Chris Abraham at 9Round Fitness Gym

Chris Abraham at 9Round Fitness Gym

A brand new 9Round gym opened up in the Penrose Square neighborhood of South Arlington, and I popped on January 7 after eating tacos and drinking margaritas at my favorite local, Taqueria el Poblano, just to see who took over the vacated commercial space.  It was a gym called 9Round.

9Round 1st Impression

There was a spry dude in there with cool frames and he walked me through their unique kickboxing-based high-intensity workout based on 9 three-minute rounds. His name is Nick and he’s officially become my trainer and coach.

9Round is Kickboxing Reimagined for Everyone

9Round Boxing Gloves and Wraps

9Round Boxing Gloves and Wraps

Originally, a boxing round was 3-minutes. So, be it. And, though the complete workout is only 30-minutes, I finally went back last night to give it a go.

9Round offers the first workout for free so last night was my free workout. I joined on my way out after those 9 rounds, those 30-minutes, and those two liters of sweat I left on the mat. 

With 9Round, there are 9 stations with 9 different and progressively difficult 3-minute workouts, including a heavy bag, uppercut bag, speed bag, double-ended-bag, and maybe what’s called a kick bag, maybe. There are kettlebells, jump ropes, dumbbells, and other accoutrements.

I Get to Wear Boxing Gloves and Hand Wraps

Part of your kit in 9Round includes boxing hand wraps and a pair of boxing gloves — which is very cool (and might result in getting beat up by all the CrossFit bros).

Nick Grandi

Chris Abraham with Nick Grandi

Why didn’t I end up joining up with Conor over at CrossFit South Arlington?  I’m not there yet, is why. I have done a real diagnosis of how fit I am not, and I didn’t pass. I still do want to join CrossFit in 2016, but it will be in addition to 9Round and it’ll be once I start doing my 30-minute kickboxing workouts without wanting to die each time I go and after I start doing all of the workouts they have at each station on each little white board instead of a unique one that needs to be adapted to my current fitness level.  Don’t worry, Conor, I’ll be there, just not right away — but soon, and in addition to 9Round.

What I Like About 9Round

  1. Cheap: you can take as many classes as you want — even multiples-per-day — for $70/month or less.
  2. Convenient: there are no class schedules. You just need to show up during their unique business hours and you can join the workout circuit. So, any time I feel the need or have the time, I can grab a really complete HIIT workout. It’s sort of like a revolving door. Just come in and jump on, no need to put anything on your calendar.
  3. Coached: every workout is actively coached, assisted, adapted, and curated by a very activist and engaged trainer. You’ll never be on your own, but you’ll also constantly be motivated and encouraged, almost like having your own personal trainer.
  4. Feeling the 9Round burn after only 30 minutes

    Feeling the 9Round burn after only 30 minutes

    Adaptive: I’m currently 100 pounds overweight so my mobility, flexibility, and relative strength is not ideal. No worries.  The 9Round coach personally looks at how I am doing and how much I can handle and personally recommends a custom workout that keeps me challenged and sweating without hurting or frustrating me.

  5. Alone with Others: I can often feel self-conscious when it comes to not being the man I was when I was a 180 pound high school wrestler or a 220 pound college heavyweight rower — or even a 235 pound daily runner and avid bicyclist. That’s not an issue, even though there are usually 8 other folks working out with you in the 9Round gym. Thing is, everybody’s doing something else.
  6. Close: It literally only takes 7 minutes for me to walk to my local 9Round gym in Penrose Square, right off of Columbia Pike in South Arlington. And, if I jog it, it’ll probably only take just a few minutes.Walking to 9Round
  7. Sane: I don’t feel like I want to die today, after doing my first workout just last night. When my girlfriend is done with [solidcore] she’s sore for days. She loves it but I love how Pavel Tsatsouline stressed the need to leave gas in the tank. I still really want to take runs and I don’t want my workouts to be either/or, I want to do a 30-minute high-intensity workout at 9Round every day and still take a walk, a run, or even go back to commuting to and from work by food again and to start riding my bike to Miriam’s Kitchen when I volunteer there on Wednesdays.
The free 9Round bag that comes with your free gloves, wraps, cup, and water bottle upon joining

The free 9Round bag that comes with your free gloves, wraps, cup, and water bottle upon joining

Why Choose 9Round?

That’s why I feel the need to spend a half-hour-a-day at the funny little red gym down the block, but here’s what 9Round says to recommend itself:

  • A fast, effective full-body work out in 30 minutes.
  • Work out every muscle, every time.
  • A new station every 3 minutes, Get In Get Fit.
  • No class times, equals no waiting.
  • High-energy, motivating trainers included.
  • Measurable results with heart rate technology.
  • Workout changes every day, never boring.
  • Burn up to 500 calories in 30 mins.
  • Virtual nutrition coach included.

And that sounds pretty good to me. Wish me luck. I’ll let you know how I do.


5 thoughts on “Giving 9Round Columbia Pike my money

  1. Nick

    Hey chris!
    It’s Nick, your trainer at 9round. I’m sure glad you had so much fun and I look forward to helping you along the way to reaching your fitness goals. You worked hard Monday in the gym and I’m happy to have you as a client. Thanks for the glowing review and I’ll see you soon.

    Be well,

    1. Chris Abraham

      Thanks, Nick! I’ll edit the post and add your name (I’m terrible with names). I planned to come over to Penrose 9Round last night but had some tummy trouble due to my new high fiber, low carb, diet. So, I’ll be over some time around noon today. Yes, I’m aware of your unique daytime and day hours. Again, thank YOU. Without you, Nick, I wouldn’t be sold on 9Round, probably.

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