sea Urchin

I used to freedive by myself as a teen growing up in Hawaii

Nikon nikonos 3I used to freedive by myself as a teen growing up in Hawaii. I carried a Nikonos III and a knife. I tied my leg to a 100′ white nylon line that tied to a float and a dive flag. I launched from Kaimana Beach.

Whenever I got hungry, after a couple hours or so, I would tuck into the plentiful sea urchins, tapping open a hole on tip with the butt of the dive knife, like in this photo, but with my fingers instead of a spoon and spiced with brine.

mahi WreckI didn’t drink water until I ended up kicking to shore. I wore these fins and ignored things like shallow water blackout and the buddy system.

I could easily hyperventilate, take a deep breath, and then kick down to the the Mahi Ship Wreck.

Ha ha! Memories of Hawaii.


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