Potomac Boat Club Floating Dock

Out of the frying pan onto water

Remember when I was running 5ks? It seems like only yesterday I was literally kicking ass and taking names at 9Round Penrose and doing Pacers-sponsored 5k races. Well, that took a break.

I caught some sort of bug and tried to use my human immune system to fight off the invading armies with sleep, liquids, OTC drugs, and some some healthy living.

After ten days, it wasn’t working. I visited the INOVA clinic down the street on Columbia Pike and actually said no to what would have ended the debilitating acute sinusitis that then became some sort of acute ear infection — another ten days.

Finally, I went back and was prescribed a ZPACK: ten more days.

Then, ten more days to recover from the cough, congestion, sputum, and sore throat. 

Well, in the middle of that, I was cordially invited to become a full member of Potomac Boat Club, something I had been interested in doing since I was a teenage college rower on GWU Crew.

The boathouse at the end of Water Street in Georgetown is an athletic club. The one you can see from Key Bridge or Rosslyn. The one with the red floating dock with the bright white star on it. 

But I am back to square one. After close to forty days of sleeping a lot and rarely working more than three or four hours-a-day, I am returning to this blog, the RNNR blog, and getting back on track.

Here’s my plan:

  1. Walking: treadmill desk
  2. Row: Concept2 Indoor Rower
  3. Lifting: the weight training workout from How to Build Muscle for Rowing — and I’ll be doing the workout at XSport either here in Arlington or over at the big one over on 7/King Street 
  4. HIIT: getting back to 9Round Penrose
  5. Run: get back onto the road (those 5ks don’t run themselves). Sadly, since today is day one, I won’t be able to make the 2016 Crystal City Twilighter 5k this year. Sad times.
  6. Swing: light, persistent, kettlebell swings à la Get Fit, Get Fierce with Kettlebell Swings

I plan to start with the swings and the treadmill today. A little later today, I’ll get onto the erg and maybe pull a slow, happy, 5,000 meters. 

Hey, everyone at 9Round and XSport, I’ll be coming in really soon.

My first job is to find my max weight to do ten reps of the following seven exercises,  leg press, lat pulldown, bench press, shoulder press, weighted situps (ab machine), bicep curls, triceps extension.

Ultimately, after I sort out all of those weights, I can start the strength and weight training workout that Jack Gorcika mapped out in How to Build Muscle for Rowing.

OK, now I have to get up and get onto my treadmill desk and get my work day started. 

It feels so good to have shaken this thing.  Thank you so much Sir Alexander Fleming for sorting out the whole antibiotics thing. 


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