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9Round is for everyone — I need to remember that

Chris Abraham at 9Round Fitness GymI had been under the weather for upwards of two months with Sinusitis. Even before that, I had been suffering from some sciatica and lumbago back pain. As a result. I started to avoid 9Round. And once I started not spending a measly 30-minutes-a-day doing the rounds at 9Round Penrose, I stopped.

The exact thing that made 9Round so wonderful to me: its convenience to where I live, its efficiency in that I always get a full-body HIIT workout in only 30-minutes, that I never have to schedule for a workout as can always cycle-in to a 9Round after waiting for a max of only 3-minutes, and the fact that every 9Round has a dedicated personal trainer to cover a maximum of nine people at any one time — and sometimes, if you come in off-hours, you can share your 9Round trainer with only a couple other 9Rounders.

So, I forgot everything!

Chris Abraham with wrist wraps at 9Round PenroseI started to become intimidated and afraid of 9Round, forgetting that no matter where I am health- or fitness-wise, my 9Round coach can always adapt my workout so that I can get through at least a few really  awesome rounds — all without making it a big deal in front of the other 9Rounders, who are all actually just paying attention to their own ass-kicking but well-adapted-to-them workouts.

I don’t know what happened but I forgot all of that until I recently read this Facebook post from 9Round NOVA that reminded me what 9Round is all about:

Do I need to be in shape before I start 9Round?
“Absolutely not. We love taking clients that have never worked out and getting them in the best shape of their life. Our trainers will customize your workout to fit for your fitness level. Some members start by doing 4 or 5 rounds and work up to all 9.”

Do I need any Kickboxing experience?
“No. In fact, we love teaching new members. That’s our job. Our trainers will stay with you every step of the way to ensure you are doing the techniques properly.”

Cleto Reyes professional training gloves for 9Round9Round might be totally kickass and allow me to kick, punch, elbow, and knee kickboxing bags while sporting bright red wrist wraps and bright yellow Cleto Reyes bag gloves, but it’s only as hard, complex, difficult, or challenging as you need at the moment. Are your knees sort today?

Your 9Round coach with adapt. Having inner-ear issues? Your 9Round coach will try to minimize your dizziness, vertigo or imbalance — seriously, coach and 9Round Nova and 9Round Penrose owner Rob Graveline was my trainer last night and, after I told him about my two-month chronic sinusitis journey, he did a diagnosis on me and even wanted to tailor my workout to try to keep me from messing with my inner-ear.

I really needed the reminder even though I knew and know better.

Rowing with ryan reynoldsI used to be a high school wrestler, a college rower, and ran, lifted weights, bicycled, and sculled a lot over the last 23-years. So, I feel so much debilitating shame and embarrassment when I am upwards of 80-lbs too heavy, when my knees and back and neck have cricks in them, when my trusty kettlebells, erg, TRX straps, and treadmill desk go underused. 

And so those feelings just beget more of those feelings that result in even more degrading of my mobility, flexibility, agility, and capability. 

And I should never blame 9Round for any of that because they’re more than willing to work with me no matter what my state. They know, for a fact, that the more weight I lose the less my knees will hurt, the higher I can get my heart rate over time the healthier my heart will be, the stronger the muscles around my knees and back and shoulders and abs are the less likely those kinks will flare into sciatica.

Chris Abraham at 9Round PenroseAnd yes, there are always sports injuries, but I can deal with those. And, even if and when I suffer from those, I know that Rob “Big Daddy Thunder” Graveline and his team will even make sure I get a pretty sweet workout even around my injury.

I am sorry it’s taken me months to remember something that I knew from the very beginning but it’s an essential thing to remember about why I chose 9Round instead of CrossFit or classes or the gym: the 9Round touch. Let me remind both of us again:

9Round loves taking clients that have never worked out and getting them in the best shape of their life. Our trainers will customize your workout to fit for your fitness level.

My lovely friends, please remind me of this every time I forget. Thanks in advance!

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