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FitBit Surge gypped me on steps so I added a Zip

14251534834_f80b6f9c4f_oI do most of all of my daily steps on my LifeSpan Treadmill Desk DT-5. Since I am working on this desk all day, I am oftentimes leaning over a little, putting pressure on the built-in arms pads with my arms, and typing, typing, typing, isolating my movements so that I can focus on writing emails, contracts, proposals and hours client service work.  

9296076444_5191c574e5_oIt all used to work just fine, until recently. In the last months my FitBit Surge stopped logging my sleep accurately and it also never recorded more than 1,700-4,500 or so steps-day even though I’ve been working on the treadmill for hours all day long.

So, I assumed that FitBit changed its algorithm.

28895504532_5e42239b11_bFor a while these updates were good as my FitBit stopped recording my motorcycle trips as steps.

But now, my wrist-mounted FitBit Surge doesn’t record my treadmill steps well at all.

28381183844_653b45e294_bSo, I went onto eBay and bought a brand new FitBit Zip for super-cheap, added it to my FitBit devices (apparently the FitBit app can support multiple devices now — great news!), and all of a sudden I have so many more steps (and it’s not even ten AM this morning).  

So, I have things sorted.

PS: if FitBit reads this, yes, I have already done a couple hard restarts on the Surge it and it hasn’t helped the surge at all. 


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