I just walked across the African Continent

28381183844_653b45e294_bSo, I had been really slowing down on steps in my constant war towards defeating sedentarism towards my 10,000 steps-per-day but I blame my FitBit Surge. So, I figured out if you can run two FitBit devices concurrently. The answer is yes so I bought a cheap FitBit Zip from eBay for like $35 and set it up and now the steps are coming back like crazy. Even though I feel like my Surge is seriously glitching all over the place with its shitty interpretation of my sleep and my treadmill steps, I understand that my arms are pretty stable as I work from my treadmill desk (as I am doing right now as I write this). So, the steps are returning en masse and I was almost instantly rewarded by FitBit Mail with an email entitled Congrats on earning your Africa badge!, ”

Staggering! You’ve earned the Africa badge

It’s a jungle out there, but that’s not stopping you—because at 5,000 lifetime miles, you’ve walked the entire length of Africa! If that’s not a reason to go bananas, we don’t know what is.


It’s the simple things in life, I tell ya!


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