2016 Concept2 Fall Team Challenge

Fall Team Challenge day two of 30

I have fallen off the horse big time. In fact, in Reddit’s Fitness subreddit, redditors are so sick of people like me. I’ve had a terrible failure to launch.  Joining 9Round, XSport Express, and even Concept 2 Rowing Plan by Fitness Matters, didn’t do the trick so far. My excuse? I’m too weak! I’ve gone to ground!

slowrowSo, my plan is as follows: row as many slow meters as I can over the rest of the Concept2 Fall Team Challenge. So, last night, while I was watching so many hours of Captain America: Civil War, I pulled a slow 2:45 to 2:50 or so row for as long as I wanted, then stopped, relaxed, drank some water, and then sat down and got back to it.

I don’t have any more to report because I would like to spend more of my time rowing than writing blog posts about rowing. I’ll report more on my CSA, my diet, my changes, my goals, and my lifestyle in general.



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