2016 Concept2 Skeleton Crew Challenge

Skeleton Crew Challenge today through Halloween

skeleton-2016webJoin me today, October 25, in the seat of your Concept2 Indoor Rower or standing astride your SkiErg, through Halloween October 31st, as we pull 31,000 meters in honor of all the candy and alcohol you’ll be consuming at all the Halloween parties and hand-outs you’ll be attending over the next six days.  

While 31 kilometers on their erg is nothing, the Skeleton Crew Challenge is an awesome first step towards rowing for distance and rowing for meters instead of rowing for power or speed.

Rowing for meters can even allow you to knock out meters while you’re knocking out your Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix queue.

If you think about it, it’s really only 19.2625 miles, divided by 6, only 3.21041666667 miles/day or 5166.66666667 meters/day.

Easy peasy.  

Good luck and here are all the deets!


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