40-4-40 Challenge Concept2 40-minute 40th anniversary

Just completed my 40-minute 40-4-40 Concept2 40th anniversary challenge!

40yr-challenge-web-hhco9I just completed the first ever — and probably only — 40-4-40 “pop-up” Challenge that Concept2 spontaneously launched on November 2.  The challenge was simple: row for 40-minutes on November 6th in honor of Concept2’s 40th anniversary.

It was slow and I broke it into two pieces, but I got it done. It’s all part of turning myself around as I have had a really anti-productive few months — actually more like six months! An entire six month since I recorded my last run! It’s been an eternity!

I am back in the saddle again. Actually, to be a little more precise, my Concept2 Model C with a brand new PM5 HR upgrade.

40-4-40 Challenge Concept2 40-minute 40th anniversary

Since I have gained so much weight back — and more — I haven’t wanted to get back onto the road running until I spend more time walking and rowing. 

Everything has been really slow-going so I am very happy that I could quickly and easily get this challenge under my belt for the confidence and the instant grat. 

On that note, I don’t know what’s been up with me over the summer but I have not been in an athletic way.

Quite the opposite.

I have been more sedentary and less likely to eat healthily than I have in a lot of my life. As a result, I have not only lost all of the fitness I acquired from running, walking kettlebell swinging, rowing, Indian clubbing, and 9Rounding.

I have been doing a lot of sleeping, working, and I have been binging too much on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

And, as I said before, I have also been packing on the pounds, too, from overeating and too much wine, sake, and beer.  

It’s been a rough summer.

And I needed this little pop-up challenge because the next Concept2 Challenge isn’t until November 24, the Holiday Challenge

From November 24–December 24, I’ll be rowing as much as I can between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve with special honors for 100,000 meters and 200,000 meters — I hope you’ll join me.   It’s an individual challenge so you won’t need to join a team in order to participate. 

Fitness Matters Indoor Rowing LogoIn order to keep accountable between these challenges, I am recommitting myself to religiously participating in Fitness Matters’ FM Rowing Plan, which is a little like a WoD plus the accountability of a club, a coach, and a community. 

I have been a paying member for three months but I have been remiss and overwhelmed by the level of performance and commitment expected by these crazy Brits — but I feel like I am finally ready, whether the problem up ’til now has been body-based or whether it’s more in my head. 



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