Rowing pneumonia

concept2 holiday challenge 2016Last week, I felt like crap. Finally, the day before Thanksgiving, I huffed and puffed to my motorcycle and puttered down the clinic. Diagnosis: walking pneumonia. So, I am dosed with antibiotics and other drugs but missed the first day of the 2016 Concept2 Holiday Challenge.  Maybe I’ll do some really light meters tonight starting tonight, Black Friday, but either way, I’ll do my best with whatever the state of my erging pneumonia, my rowing pneumonia.  

If I am going to throw my leg over my Model C Concept2 rowing ergometer with pneumonia, an infection that inflames air sacs in both of my lungs, filling them with fluid, then you can jump on your own Concept2 Indoor Rower and pull some meters between last Thursday, November 24th, through Christmas Eve, December 24, 2016.


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