March is Heaven for Concept2 Erg Challenges

March and April are super-awesome months if you love the working out on a Concept2 rowing ergometer. There’s both an individual challenge in the form of the Mud Season Madness and a virtual team challenge fifteen days later, the World Erg Challenge.  If you play around on the C2 erg at your gym, your CrossFit box, or at ROWViGOR, you should start getting to know Concept2 challenges. Do it, you’ll learn to hate to love it and love to hate it!

Starting on March 1, you can jump on your Concept2 rowing ergometer by yourself and row 5,000 meter every day from the 1st through the 31st. That’s all you need to do for the Concept2 Mud Season Madness 2017. It’s an individual challenge so you won’t need to have any friends or do anything more than logging everything on the Concept2 Logbook. Do it, you won’t regret it — I will.

Then, halfway through the month, from March 15-April 15, you can join the Concept2 World Erg Challenge 2017. This is not an individual challenge, it’s team challenge. So, you’ll need to find yourself a boat.  Please visit the Joining A Team for more information on how to join a team. Team members need to confirm they intend to take part in each challenge. You do this from the Team page. Please visit the Starting and Managing a Team page for more information on how to setup and run a team. What I recommend is that you find a boat and then just keep on rowing those 5,000/day for the Mud Season Madness then then, after those first 15-days, you’ll be strong enough to really start adding extra meters-a-day, like 10,000 to 20,000 to 42,195 — a marathon — to really help out your team.


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