summer Solstice Challenge Concept2

2017 Concept2 Summer Solstice Challenge

It’s almost the official beginning of summer here in the Northern hemisphere, and we have a great challenge in store to celebrate. The Summer Solstice Challenge is our way of honoring the longest day of the year.

The challenge is to row or ski 21,000 meters on June 21.

Meters can be completed in several smaller workouts throughout the day or all at once. If completing the meters all at once, you can add 97 meters (for a total of 21,097) and rank it in the Online Rankings as a half-marathon. Learn how to set up a single distance workout on your monitor.

Once you meet the challenge, you will have earned a downloadable certificate of completion and access to special Summer Solstice Challenge items from our third-party fulfillment vendor, Cafe Press.

This is an individual challenge, so you do not need to be on a team to participate. There is no need to sign up for this challenge. Simply enter your June 21 meters in your logbook. 

Happy Summer!


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