2017-Concept2 Fall Team Challenge

Join a Team for the 2017 Concept2 Fall Team Challenge

2017 Concept2 Fall Team Challenge TallIf you have a Concept2 indoor rower (AKA rowing ergometer, AKA rowing machine) or a SkiErg, you can compete! Even if you just have one at the gym, you can be a global competitor. You can go from pulling hard in a room or at the gym alone to becoming part of a virtual team.

And, if you work hard and drive your team, you can win the respect and approval of your peers and fellow rowers as well as prizes galore (and, if you’re member of an actual–not virtual–club, you might win an erg or a SkiErg.

Concept2 challenges are really very simple: either row as many meters as are required to meet the challenge’s requirement, in the case with the Dog Days of Summer challenge; or, like the upcoming Fall Team Challenge, it’s all about getting as many meters as possible.

Chris Abraham rowing meters for a team challenge at home

Chris Abraham rowing for meters

In the case of this challenge, you’re contributing all your meters to a pool of meters that help your entire virtual team compete with other virtual teams from around the world.  

Some teams have only two members and other have hundreds. There’s no limit to members except you need at least two.

The more the merrier, though the system is fair because, like real rowing competitions, the rankings are sliced and diced depending on how many members are in your boat and what sort of team you have. 

Concept2 team challenges come in two flavors: individual challengers and team challenges. We’re just finishing off the 2017 Dog Days of Summer individual challenge right now before we enter into the upcoming 2017 Concept2 Fall Team Challenge, starting September 15th through October 15th of this year.  

Chris Abraham does most of his meters while watching movies with the subtitles on

Chris Abraham watches movies rowing

The upcoming 2017 Concept2 Fall Team Challenge is a virtual team challenge, which means taking up the Concept2 online indoor rowing challenge is as simply as just putting in the meters and logging them onto the Concept2 Logbook.

Participating in the 2017 Fall Team Challenge takes a little more planning.  The Fall Team Challenge is a team challenge.

You must belong to a team to participate. If you’re already a registered member of the Log, this is not the same as club affiliation in your profile. 

If you have  or have access to a Concept2 Indoor Rower but are not a registered as a member, you should sign up immediately and then visit the Joining a Team for more information on how to join a team.  

The padding and the small fan help things remain comfortable for long rows

Seat pads and a fan

I used to be the captain of Team Grotto which you can find on the log; however, I betrayed and abandoned the team in order to see if I could row with either the Potomac Boat ClubRed Line Rowers, or the Fitness Matters team. But I think this might be the year when the boys and girl in the boat get back into collecting meters and competing for Team Grotto!

Important: Team members need to confirm they intend to take part in each challenge. You do this from the Team page.  Here’s some more information about the challenge! Here’s a direct link to the official Concept2 challenge page. Good luck!

2017 Concept2 Fall Team Challenge Tall


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