2017 Concept2 Skeleton Crew Challenge October 25–31

2017 Concept2 Skeleton Crew Challenge Starts Today!

2017 Concept2 Skeleton Crew ChallengeToday is day one of Concept2‘s annual Halloween individual rowing challenge, the 2017 Skeleton Crew Challenge! It’s simple, on the nose, and fun: row at least 31,000 meters between October 25th and October 31st—Halloween! 

Unlike the more famous team challenges that Concept2 holds annually such as the Virtual Team Challenge (VTC), the Skeleton Crew Challenge is an individual challenge which means participants do not need to belong to a team to participate—all you need to a Concept2 Indoor Rower or SkiErg and a free registered membership on the Concept2 Logbook where you can enter your daily meters by hand; alternately, you can connect your Android or iPhone to your erg via Bluetooth using Concept2’s own ErgData app

Concept2 ErgData App for Indoor Rowing logging and syncing with the Concept2 logbook

ErgData App

ErgData syncs directly with the Concept2 Logbook so after you row a piece towards your 31,000 meters, you can upload your data to the Logbook automagically.

I recommend doing this not only since it’s super-easier but because a direct, secure, link between my PM5 monitor and the logbook through the ErgData app on my iPhone 5 will one day protect me when I row so many meters for a Concept2 Challenge that all the losers in my wake demand an audit of all my hard work as well.

Concept2 PM5 Fitness Monitor Fishgame Indoor Rower Erg Ergometer

PM5 Fishgame

If you don’t have a PM5 monitor on your rowing erg, you can upgrade your Concept2 indoor rower to a PM5 today from any previous monitor—there’s an upgrade path for all the erg models and all the monitors via their PM5 Retrofit Kit.

Hand-entered meters are always harder to defend than the digital chain of custody that PM5 to ErgData to Concept2 Logbook offers. 

Good luck, Godspeed, and many happy meter to you over the next six sweaty Autumn days!


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