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Important things I’m learning about the ketogenic diet 12 days in

Drink lots of water on the keto diet ketogenic diet ketosis

After twelve days, I have learned just a few things about my own personal ketogenic diet–or, at least how I am going to run my keto diet:

  • Drink all the water in the world: it’s not easy to keep up with the amount of water that this way of life AKA diet requires–because too little water can make everything hard on your organs. Protect your organs and flush all those toxins by drinking a lot of water. Expect to urinate a lot. All night long. It’s OK.
  • It’s still calorie in, calorie out, even in keto: ketosis does an amazing job of suppressing my appetite so it’s so much easier to only eat when I’m hungry–those dudes who go to the all-you-can-eat steak joints and eat porterhouse after porterhouse, eating a pat of butter with each bite, are OMAD (one meal a day) eaters or are coming out of their multi-day fasts like ballers: at the Fogo de Chão!
  • Don’t eat when you’re not hungry: the secret to ketosis is that it suppresses appetite so well that you don’t want to eat–don’t eat when you’re not hungry during the ketosis diet, even if it’s breakfast time or lunchtime or dinnertime
  • Avocado and eggs Drink lots of water on the keto diet ketogenic diet ketosisDon’t be afraid of vegetables or their carbs: forget about carbs or net carbs or any of that stuff: eat your veggies! I eat as much spinach, broccoli, asparagus, brussels sprout, cauliflower, and romaine as I want. It’s not worth it when it comes to health to try to save your veggies carbs for beer carbs or chips carbs or wine carbs
  • The keto flu is real so don’t worry too much about dying for the first week or so: fatigue, nausea, stomach Irritability, acid reflux, and difficulty getting to sleep are symptoms. I don’t feel fatigue any more but I did have one awful night of acid reflux and I think my lack of hunger is related to a feeling of being over-full which can be felt as nausea
  • brussels sprouts Drink lots of water on the keto diet ketogenic diet ketosisThe keto diet and intermittent fasting (IF) really do go hand-in-hand: because of the natural suppression of appetite associated with consuming such a high-fat, low-carb diet, lots of folks in this space combine fasting and IF into their diet. I think I am going to try out 18:6, which is fasting for 18-hours every day and only eating for six hours-a-day, maybe between 12PM and 6PM or 8AM and 2PM.  If that’s too tough, I can scale back to 16:8
  • It’s really tough to get enough fat (75% fat, 25% protein, 5% carbs) through eating healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, and grass-fed butter: that’s why everyone on the keto diet is eating so much bacon and sausage and chicken skin and cream cheese and cheeses and triple-crèmes
  • Burger patty guacamole avocado suteed spinach keto diet ketogenic dietThe keto diet is not a high-protein diet: if you read the “directions” to the ketogenic diet, you’ll notice they recommend the high consumption of fat, the low consumption of carbs, and the moderate consumption of protein. First of all, too much protein can be tough on your kidneys. Also, too much protein can kick you out of ketosis because excess protein will be turned into glucose in your blood stream.
  • You need to maintain enough electrolytes on the keto diet because of all that urine you’ll be passing: some experts recommend 5000 mg of sodium (not just salt), 1000 mg of potassium, in the form of potassium chloride or potassium sulfate, and 300 mg of magnesium, preferably in the form of magnesium citrate, every day.

That’s all I have right now. These are just my personal first impressions based on 12-days, some reading, and a lot of time at /r/keto on Reddit. I’ll be reporting on other experiences everything I learn over the course of my own personal ketogenic dieting experience.  Feel free to check my work and give me any advice or correction you may have. I am piecing this together without hurting or killing myself.


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