SpyderGrip Green Lynx 2.0 Review

I bought this SpyderGrip Green Lynx 2.0 over a year ago, I think, but haven’t used it much because I didn’t think it could carry that much. Tonight, however, I checked it out and I was easily able to fit my Samsung S6 Active into the neoprene pouch.

Here’s an official walk-around of the product, taken from the site:

Here’s my review:

Here’s the bugger I own.  This here is my own personal SpyderGrip Green Lynx 2.0. It’s made of neoprene and it’s one-size fits all, and it’s highlighted with neon hi-viz green with reflective material that looks a lot like that fancy 3M Scotchlite material.  


That will keep you safe on the road if you don’t have a sweatshirt or jacket over it. If you’re wearing it on top, SpyderGrips can replace a runner’s Hi-Viz safety vest for (not that) late night or (not that) early morning runs. That’s a real bonus. Can’t ever have enough eye-catching reflectance on the road.

There’s no extra padding on the back but neoprene is still pretty comfy. As you can see, it’s very well-stitched. 

SpyderGrip Green Lynx 2.0

The Velcro hook-and-loop fastener is really strong. Nothing’s coming out of there. Whatever you’re carrying will more likely come through the neoprene or the stitching than it will the flap.   

SpyderGrip Green Lynx 2.0

Neoprene is super-stretchy and I think I had forgotten that. The generous top flap can be pulled tight, cinching down the entire contents. I couldn’t get a photo of the two lined holes on top that allow you to run a set of wired headsets. 

So, once I realized that the little pocket, that nestles tightly on your back, between the shoulder blades, a around the base of the neck, depending how you wear it. But, if you look below, you’ll see that I have been able to put my big fat wallet, my big ring of keys, including a honking 2001 BMW car key, and also a smart phone. Since I was photographing this with my S6 Active, I placed my little Apple iPhone 5 in its stead. The SAMSUNG is bigger. 

SpyderGrip Green Lynx 2.0

Inside, there is a soft pocket that is closed with a button of Velcro that allows everything inside to be segregated into two sections. Maybe you can see it below. 

SpyderGrip Green Lynx 2.0

I know, black on black on black. But you’ll see below that the entire case gives a lot. I put the phone closest my back with the screen facing me so that the phone smooths out the pointy bulkiness of the keys. And then I put the keys at the bottom and the wallet on top. If you’ll see below, it doesn’t end up being very thick at all. 

SpyderGrip Green Lynx 2.0

The only downside is that none of it is very accessible at all while you’re running. So, if something happens that requires you to address your phone, you’ll have to remove it. But, if you can get everything running like a train, you can just set it and forget and get moving and have your stuff close-by. 

Nobody will steal your stuff secretly because the Velcro is so loud and so completely strong that nobody will pickpocket you. In fact, this might be an excellent solution when you travel. You can hide your Passport or keep your Travelers Cheques or the bulk of your cash in there, under a jacket. Who would ever check between your shoulder blades or at the base of your neck? Right?


I really only own it and have played around with it and, only tonight, tried putting more stuff in here than just my phone (I thought that maybe it could/would only hold a phone, but it’s a lot more capable).  So, I can’t recommend its durability.

At $25 on Amazon (retail $39.99) I think I wouldn’t mind how long it really lasted because it’s replaceable because it’s relatively cheap. But I used to be a PADI Divemaster and I know that neoprene is a very durable material. People run their SCUBA wetsuits for decades with just a little patching. 

I also think that the neoprene will easily protect my stuff–leather wallet, especially–from my sweat and from some rain. It’s made in China, for what it’s worth, but I don’t think that matters unless you’re America First.

I would recommend it. I’ll try to use it more and give you a better review down the road. It really looks and feels very well-made and very durable. I’m sold, not just in photos but in my hands. 

SpyderGrip Green Lynx 2.0 Review
  • Size
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Discretion
  • Value

SpyderGrip Green Lynx 2.0 Review

The idea is simple and beautifully-executed: carry your essentials on your body during a run without losing any of it or having it poke you, flop around, fall out of a pocket, jingle jangle, or get stolen. This does it. The entire SpyderGrip Green Lynx 2.0 Review is lined and dotted with what looks like 3M Scotchlite reflective material. I can easily fit a fat leather wallet, a big ring of keys, and my smartphone. It’s one size fits all, the neoprene material is soft, flexible, and durable. It’s comfortable to wear and can be a discrete way to hide money, a passport, your American Express Travelers Cheques, or your AmEx Centurion Black Card. The only thing I don’t love is that all my stuff is on my back at the base of my next between my shoulder blades. Maybe that’s good because it’ll stop be from checking Facebook or my texts during my runs. However, maybe it’s better to carry my phone and an iPod so I can just keep my music pure. That’s on me. The take-away, however, is that it’s a lot more versatile and useful than I though, thanks to the real sketchiness of the SpyderGrip Lynx 2.0s. So, stuff it, just remember that once you put it back there, you’ll need to take the SpyderGrip back off every time you’ll need to access it. It’s in the little spot on your back you can’t reach unless you’re a yogi, for one, and for another, the Velcro is so strong that you’ll really need to wrestle it open every time you need to access it.

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