My rainbow collection of Saucony Jazz Original retro running shoes

My favorite running shoe is still Saucony Jazz

The Original Nike Pegasus 1983No matter what I try I always fall back in love with my Saucony Jazz Original running shoes. That’s not true, actually. I started off only running in Nike Pegasus running shoes–The Original Nike Pegasus to be exact–back in middle school. The original Nike Pegasus bears a striking likeness to Saucony Jazz Originals.

I had been running in maximalist running shoes from Hoka One One but I don’t think they’re for me, especially since I discovered the International Slow Jogging Association and read Slow Jogging: Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, and Have Fun with Science-Based, Natural Running by Hiroaki Tanaka and Magdalena Jackowska cover-to-cover. So, since slow jogging advocates very slim-soled running shoes, I returned to my trusty rainbow threesome of Saucony Jazz original running shoes.

My collection of Saucony Jazz Originals Running Shoes in red, orange, and green

After reading the book I looked around for the perfect pair of shoes to replace my Hokas. I first thought that maybe Onitsuka Tigers were the way to go. Then, I thought that Saucony Bullets where the way. Finally, I came all the way around to when I ran 4 miles every morning before work and then 8-10 miles on Saturday and Sunday.

I used to love them because they’re the dual purpose motorcycles of the running world. They’re neither off-read enduro dirt bikes nor are they road-only racers.

Triangle outsole tread of the saucony jazz originals running shoe orange

They wear like wrestling shoes, they have a little bit of cushion (and the included inserts really improve their comfort), and the Saucony Jazz running shoes benefit from enough of a tread that I always feel sure-footed whenever I ran in the rain or in the show.

I know for a fact that both the original Nike Pegasus–or even the first Nike, the waffle iron racing flat–and the original Saucony Jazz running shoes were designed for the road and the track but these days, this level of lug is more common on trail-running shoes–thus be comparison between the Saucony Jazz Originals and a dual purpose motorbike. For me, it’s the best of both worlds and virtually no compromise–at least for me. In addition to all of its other shining qualities, Saucony Jazz shoes are some of the best erg shoe for indoor rowers.

I tend to wear them without socks because they’re a little snug when I add socks to them. I wear men’s size 13 US / 12 UK. They fit perfectly and there’s still a little room for when my feet swell during a run.

At around $50-$60-a-pair, they’re easily replaceable when they start to fall apart, though that doesn’t happen. I hadn’t been running in these three colorful pair of Jazz shoes I had only been using them when I am on my Concept2 Indoor Rower. While there’s a little bit of a heal wedge and they’re not perfectly flat like Converse All Stars or Feiyue Tiger Claw martial arts shoes, the midsole and outsole of these Jazz runners is negligible. 

So, I’d like to end this post with an embed of the awesome Slow Jogging video on YouTube that sent me down this passion-path:


Me Personal Review of the Saucony Jazz Original as Running Shoes
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Price
  • Availability
  • Weight

Me Personal Review of the Saucony Jazz Original as Running Shoes

I have been running in Saucony Jazz Original retro casual wear sneakers as running shoes since I was in my early 30s. Before that, I ran in Nike Pegasus running shoes but I started hating all the air and structure. Now, I am back to running in Saucony Jazz Original shoes as I follow the Slow Jogging craze. They’re light, cheap, durable, replaceable. and have a pretty thin sole. The tread is not only durable but also can do a good job in light trail running as well because it’s got the beginnings of an aggressive waffle tread. The only ding I have on it is that it’s not make for running so it doesn’t benefit from the sort of over-engineering that modern running shoes enjoy. On the other hand, it makes the shoes a lot cheaper and a lot lighter.

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