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Slow jogging, slow rowing, and the slow walking of the treadmill desk owner

working on the lifespan treadmill deskI think I have a mantra: slowness. I’ve always been strong and slow. Even my stroke when I am slow rowing is always slow.

Back when I ran for four miles every morning and eight on Saturdays, I ran slowly.

When I stared again back in 2016, I really slow shuffled. And, whenever you’re a guy’s who’s only office desk is a treadmill, you do a lot of slow walking as well.

I am walking at 2mph right now.

fitbit report for chris abraham on 9 January 2018 which is around 12,641 steps or 4.8 miles and 3,385 calories

As I write, this very moment, but not below, just now, I have walked for 4 hours at 2 miles-per-hour. That’s 8 miles of walking. That’s good for me.

But it’s 20:54 at night so I’ve literally had not just the workday but the entire day to put into it. I wonder what my block is.

I just checked my Fitbit and here’s the 411 for today’s slow walking. I don’t know why my machine is saying 8.09 miles but my Fitbit Zip that I have tagged onto the leg of my rowing trou is saying I’ve only logged 4.8 miles.

walkers view of the lifespan treadmill desk from my perspective

I think I’ll have to track the Fitbit because that’s the only data I have that syncs with the cloud and with my greater Fitbit community.

When I am working, I never push it above that, though I can read at up to maybe 2.3-2.5mph. I am a slow walker. If you’ve ever walked with me, it’s true.

I may be tall and you may very well expect me to have a long stride but it’s not true. While I am a solid six-foot-three inches tall, my inseam is only 32-inches.

My crotch is only 2.66667 feet off the floor. That’s an important number for both trousers and motorcycle standover height.

the backside of my lifespan treadmill deskI bought my LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk off Amazon on June 1, 2013. Amazon reminds me whenever I go back just in case I am forgetful enough to forget that I already own one.

It’s maybe the best $1,366.19 I’ve ever spent–even better than my K1100LT or my XR650L motorcycles. 

Even though I have access to it every day, all day long, I struggle to walk a very slow 12,000 steps. 

I should walk at least 10-16 miles-a-day but it generally ends up being more like six-miles. 

what working on a lifespan treadmill desk looks like from the walker's point of viewI promised myself to get more steps in on this brilliant thing. Some of my excuses not to have been: I am writing, putting together a proposal, blogging, or researching so I need to sit very still in order to concentrate.

That’s bollocks–they’re all lame excuses.

After I got afib and even after my cardioversion took, I was tired a lot–but that’s no longer the case. 

So, I am writing this post while walking very slowly. I have a new new year’s resolution I think I’ll go back and add: if I am going to write on this blog, I am going to need to be be doing all of my blogging and writing while I am walking very slowly on my own treadmill desk.


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