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2018 Concept2 2018 Concept2 2018 Concept2 World Erg ChallengeThe Concept2 virtual team challenge, World Erg Challenge, is ten-days old and I’ve only clocked 24,607 meters so far–but I am still mid-pack in the Potomac Boat Club. For context, challenge leader, Parker Sheppard, has clocked 126,445 meters–more than 100,000 meters ahead of me. But I am picking up and am hopeful and am also having fun and am happy, to be honest, that I am not at the bottom. Maybe by the time I am 50–I just turned 48 this month–I will be hitting 100,000 meters by ten-days in (that’s an attainable 10,000 meters-a-day–totally do-able). 

Here’s a cool little embed that Concept2 is offering now that shows how many meters each PBC-affiliated rower has accumulated during the current season. 

Potomac Boat Club

If you’ll scroll down, you’ll see I have logged only 298,027 meters this season–PBC mid-pack.

Our #1 virtual rower is 24-year-old Andrew Weinstein who is currently erging from his home in Philadelphia. Dude’s rowed 6,084,163 meters just this season!

Yes, a little over six-million meters sitting on that black padded rubber seat and pulling those handles held at the end of a bike chain, attached to fans, flywheels, and bungee cords, in over six million catches, drives, finishes, and recoveries.



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