Recommended kettlebell weights for men and women by Pavel Tsatsouline from Simple & Sinister

How heavy your kettlebell should be (heavier than you think)

  Need Right NowWill Need Soon
 Average Strength Woman8kg, 12kg, 16kg20kg, 24kg
 Strong Woman12kg, 16kg, 20kg24kg
 Average Strength Man16kg, 24kg32kg
 Strong Man24kg, 32kg40kg, 48kg
Blue 12kg competition kettlebell by CFF FIT

The 12kg kettlebell I had been using

According to Supreme Girya Master Girevik Pavel Tsatsouline, if you’re a man, you really should be swinging at least a 16kg kettlebell and ordering up a 24kg kettlebell and a 32kg kettlebell from Kettlebells USA for not later but for sooner–for soon!

Guess what I own? An 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, and 20kg kettlebell. I did buy two cast iron Russian style 24kg kettlebells–but they were more aspirational than anything. How could my body ever be ready to move around those two white dwarfs, those two lumps that feel like depleted uranium? 

Kettlebells USA 24 kg - 53 lb Metrixx® Elite Precision E-Coat Kettlebell

One of my 24kg kettlebells

I didn’t give myself enough credit. I can two-hand swing my 24kg kettlebell now! I can’t clean and press or Turkish get-up the 24kg 1.5 pood cast iron lump yet, but I can see that I am at the very least an average strength man. 

I am sure you are at least an average strength man or woman. Why don’t you buy yourself an 8kg, 12kg, and 16kg kettlebell if you’re a woman and a 16kg and a 24kg kettlebell if you’re a man–and start saving up for your respective “will need soon” 24kg and 32kg kettlebells, respectively. 

You can do it, Comrade Girevik!  Here’s the poop directly from Pavel himself: the recommended kettlebell weights for men and woman, according to Kettlebell Simple & Sinister:
Recommended kettlebell weights for men and women by Pavel Tsatsouline from Simple & Sinister


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