Month: August 2018

Two 24kg Metrixx® Classic E-Coat Military Grade Cast Iron Kettlebells by Kettlebells USA

I’ve started a very little weight lifting habit I will build upon

I can’t tell if it’s doing any good, having all of these weights and equipment around me. I just hope and assume that if I throw around both heavy, light, and body weights and make my heart work a little bit, every other day, then I’ll eventually become pretty strong and pretty fit. I feel like this is going to be a tortoise race.

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My pad’s a weight room

In my little eighth floor studio apartment, I have a Concept2 rowing machine, a LifeSpan treadmill desk, a dip bar, a simple bench, a Swiss ball, a Bosu ball, a giant duffle sandbag, resistance cables, TRX straps, a pull up bar, push up bars, an ab roller, a set of 12kg and 24kg kettlebells, 16kg, 32kg, 8kg, and 40kg single kettlebells, two light medicine balls, and a bicycle. I think that’s it.

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Why men shouldn’t stop running

For those of us who aren’t naturally as smooth as a dolphin or who aren’t religious about their waxing or manscaping, it takes a couple days of running for all the hair in your running shorts to be brutally torn out by the roots; after which, it’s all smooth sailing.
During those inaugural days, diaper rash for days. The worst kind of crotch chafe, chub rub, crotch rot, thigh rubbing.

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Running: Thu, 23 Aug 2018 20:13:19

I realised that I run like a snowshoer without snow or snowshoes! Made 4 miles again! Very lovely, show, cool, meander, all the way to Shirlington and along 4 Mile Run then to Walter Reed.

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Chris Abraham is a true blue South Arlington Virginia Runner

I’m a true-blue South Arlington runner

I just did a Strava heatmap and the results are in: I’m a true-blue South Arlington runner. Until my mileage doubles, triples, or quadruples (8, 12, or 16 miles), I am limited to South Arlington, which includes the neighborhoods of Dominion Hills, Brockwood, Boulevard Manor, Glencarlyn, Arlington Forest, Forest Glen, Barcroft, Nauck, Columbia Heights, Alcova Heights, Arlington Heights, Westmont, Penrose, Arlington Views, Foxcroft Heights, Pentagon City, Arlington Ridge, Aurora Heights, and Crystal City.

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