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I’ve started a very little weight lifting habit I will build upon

Now that my pad’s a weight room, I need to keep my forward momentum. I worked out using a combination of TRX, bench with kettlebells, and a 37-pound resistance band, doing a mixture of presses, rows, fallouts, pullovers, tricep extensions, dips, kettlebell bench presses, and close grip presses. I think that’s it.

My last two workouts via my Atlas Wristband2

My last two workouts via my Atlas Wristband2

The combined exertion is only a little over 20-minutes, though I do space the work out over hours. I stop when I feel the burn. I don’t know about my intensity but I do mostly do each exercise to failure. 

I Can’t Tell If It’s Working

I can’t tell if it’s doing any good, having all of these weights and equipment around me. I just hope and assume that if I throw around both heavy, light, and body weights and make my heart work a little bit, every other day, then I’ll eventually become pretty strong and pretty fit. I feel like this is going to be a tortoise race.

Here’s an example of the workouts I strung together last night, using my Atlas Wristband2 to track my workouts. 

First Workout

Second Workout

Third Workout

Final Workout

By the end of these four workouts, I was feeling it and just wanted to always leave something in the tank.

The Lazy Weightlifter

I am sure you decide that I am a lazy weightlifter. But I am also pretty weak.

Today, I am going to add 40kg deadlifts and both 16kg and 24kg swings to my day, so that should really add to the load volume.

Every (Other) Day For Life

I will be sure to do this sort of workout every couple of days. I am on a roll now. Every other day. That feels right to me. Wish me good luck. I also want to do this sort of workout in addition to slow running and slow rowing (plus loads of power 10s).


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