The author erging

Getting some rowing in (I never remotely do it enough: frequency, intensity, or duration)

I was able to motivate myself enough, even after a terrible sinus headache, into doing almost seven thousand easy meters. It wasn’t a lot in terms of intensity, distance, or duration, but I got it done. And, as always, I am forever the optimist that this will suddenly really take and that every day I will do either an erg, a run–or both. Hope springs eternal! Just do it

10:06:00 PM05:35.010602402:38.08956147
9:44:00 PM14:03.825192402:47.474128146
9:15:00 PM11:24.220242502:49.072103140
9:01:00 PM07:49.913882602:49.27271139

It was almost a sick day

I woke up with a terrible sinus headache that floored me until almost noon. Today was the launch day for a project I am working on, Newconomy. It’s a publication focused not simply on Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any cryptocoins; nor  is it simply obsessed with ICOs, blockchain, or fintech; it’s focused on whatever the new economy, resulting from all these financial and technological innovations will give birth to. 

I haven’t been doing very well


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