Concept2 Fall Team Challenge

I just need to average 7,143 meters-per-day for 26-more-days

I didn’t get started for a couple days–mea culpa–but I have pledged to row at least 2km after every article I write. I had wanted to swing the kettlebell between articles; however, I need to average 7,143 meters-per-day for the 28-days I have to make my 200km before midnight on the 15h of October.

9/18/2018 21:3311:09.42,113m2502:38.488111143
9/18/2018 20:4710:53.02,005m2502:42.881104137
9/18/2018 20:1911:56.02,220m2602:41.283115136
9/18/2018 13:2516:06.13,008m2502:40.585156132
9/17/2018 22:4113:09.22,578m2602:33.098138149
9/17/2018 22:2504:27.5813m2502:44.57942144
9/17/2018 22:1107:45.31,483m2502:36.89178136
9/17/2018 20:3710:38.02,017m2402:38.188107136

I have two goals between now and October 15, 2018:

  1. compensate for the extreme sedentary nature of my new job, writing and editing for Newconomy and
  2. contribute as many meters as possible to the Potomac Boat Club team–with a minimum of 200,000 meters towards the Concept2 Fall Team Challenge.

If I can keep up or better my two-day average of 8118.5 meters, I’ll make it–just.  Here we are as of tonight–I’m second in the boat; however, I’m also 35,618 meters behind first in my boat: Michael McGuirk, aged 76. Baller! Wish me luck!


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