Concept2 Fall Team Challenge

Fall Team Challenge Update

Since September the 15th, I have rowed 32,213 meters towards the 200,000 meters I want to complete by October the 15th for the Fall Team Challenge that Concept2 hosts every year. Here are the last couple of days since my last report

9/20/2018 23:3910:05.41,766m2002:51.47089138
9/20/2018 21:3311:03.92,024m2402:44.079104136
9/20/2018 20:3518:19.63,185m2602:52.668162127
9/20/2018 11:1110:05.91,963m2602:34.395104142
9/19/2018 22:3402:55.3517m2502:49.57226138
9/19/2018 20:5916:13.93,011m2502:41.783157138
9/19/2018 19:2219:18.03,510m2602:44.978180134

I am very slowly and very surely still holding onto the second position on Team Potomac Boat Club during the Concept2 Fall Team Challenge! The team is up to a combined 225,916 meters.

One thing that I am doing is putting running, slow jogging, slow running, and the Cliff Young Ultra Shuffle on hold until the 16th of October, after the Fall Team Challenge is over. Wish me luck! Hopefully, over the weekend, I will be able to do some running; however, I would really prefer to spend all of my extra minutes pulling at least, on average, 6,991 meters-per-day through 15 October in order to make the full 200 kilometers–124.274 miles! Wish me luck, wish us luck!

We haven’t really turned on our afterburners yet; however, if I limit the performance results to all On-Water teams with between 6-20 members, the Potomac Boat Club is number 7:


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