Concept2 Fall Team Challenge

Fall Team Challenge Saturday Update

I had another sinus headache from just not staying hydrated enough overnight again so I didn’t really start rowing until late–almost 8 PM. Then, I only got in 7,733 meters.

9/22/2018 22:5508:51.51,661m2502:408587150
9/22/2018 22:1912:47.72,345m2502:4480121144
9/22/2018 20:2810:28.61,902m2402:457898142
9/22/2018 19:5710:02.51,825m2502:457894137

That brings my total for the Concept2 Fall Team Challenge tonight to 39,946m of 200,000m–I am 20% of the way to my goal, which is something. My team and affiliation, Potomac Boat Club, has a combined 268,125m so far.

Of 143 possible rowers that are affiliated to PBC, only 12 of us are in the 2018 Fall Team Challenge. The cut off for joining the boat was midnight on the 20th so too late now. I am holing onto my second position so far, something I am proud of, though I do see that there’s only less than 12km between David Wilson and me. 

But it’s not a competition between me and my boatmates. I just want to contribute and not be anywhere close to DFL

1Michael McGuirk76Bel Air, MDUSA96,973m
2Chris Abraham48Arlington, VAUSA39,946m
3David Wilson67Washington, DCUSA28,000m
4Parker Sheppard32Arlington, VAUSA22,947m
5Marc Gwadz52Washington, DCUSA15,947m
6nils peterson70falls church, VAUSA15,360m
7William Massimini27Arlington, VAUSA12,852m
8Esther Lofgren33Newport Beach, CAUSA12,000m
9Laura Lauder48Washington, DCUSA11,400m
10Mark Morgan67Bethesda, MDUSA10,700m
11Jim Lynch77King George, VAUSA2,000m
12Ethan Bauer27Washington, DCUSA0m

Where the PBC team is compared to everyone else in the Fall Team Challenge:

125Rocky River Rec CenterHealth/Fitness269,422m2510,777m
126Rowing DirtyCrossFit269,107m1320,701m
127Gray Knights Rowing ClubOn-Water268,772m929,864m
128Potomac Boat ClubOn-Water268,125m1222,344m
129R/V FalkorOn-Water265,317m553,063m
131Knotty KnittersVirtual257,799m1025,780m

Where we are compared to all the other On-Water, proper, boat clubs with 6-20 members:

1Burra indoorOn-Water932,966m1184,815m
3612 EnduranceOn-Water490,900m1728,876m
4OPRA – Olympic Peninsula Rowing AssociationOn-Water467,519m1924,606m
5Bridport Gig Rowing ClubOn-Water461,985m1727,176m
6Southern California Dragon Boat ClubOn-Water394,822m2019,741m
8Sammamish Rowing AssociationOn-Water283,091m1321,776m
9Gray Knights Rowing ClubOn-Water268,772m929,864m
10Potomac Boat ClubOn-Water268,125m1222,344m
11Northwich AdultsOn-Water244,654m1714,391m
12Hannoverscher Ruder-Club von 1880 e.V.On-Water238,156m1023,816m
13Recovery on WaterOn-Water231,575m828,947m

I am only reporting all of this because I am pretty excited about being excited about it this year. And I don’t want to drop out or give up or get pulled away by other things. I should be giving 10,000m-50,000m/day but I am just doing what I am doing. As long as I do it. Even if it is super slow. 

Individually, it’s a bloodbath!

1220William VAN NEDERM47Team Sanzo40,000m
1221isabella sotoF16RowLA39,994m
1222Chris AbrahamM48Potomac Boat Club39,946m
1223simona muntyanF30GRIT MILITIA39,840m
1224Gene PetersM83ANCIENTS39,806m

And when it comes down more to On-Water-only, it looks better:

80Tim McGovernM54SwanCreek40,267m
81Darren WhiteM48Herne Bay Amateur Rowing Club40,000m
82isabella sotoF16RowLA39,994m
83Chris AbrahamM48Potomac Boat Club39,946m
84Steve WilliamsM56Clevedon Pilot Gig Club LSV39,430m
85Ryan RootM25Newport SeaBase Rowing Team39,383m
86Kristen ChadwellF52Newport SeaBase Rowing Team39,349m

But it’s not that good because it’s warm enough here in DC to row out on the Potomac so that’s why I don’t have that much competition when it comes to other On-Water rowers. And it doesn’t break anything according to age.   I’ll try to work even harder tomorrow. And more duration, more distance, and maybe a better, stronger pace, as well.  Wish me luck!


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