I’m running for two hours on October 7 for the #GRGR18

I didn’t sign up for any races this year. They’re expensive and what I really need to do is run, Forrest, run! However, when it comes to being a fanboy of The Ginger Runner on YouTube, how could I resist when he, Ethan Newberry, and his beautiful wife, Kim Teshima (Mile Long Legs), hold a virtual run. A global virtual run. Join me by registering now for only $5!

The Third Annual Ginger Runner Global Run (formerly known as the GRVR) is being held on Saturday, October 7, 2018, and you can run your 120 minutes at any time between midnight and midnight in your time zone. 

You can still sign up but only as a digital download: no swag left. But it’s the same race. And, now that you know about it, you can be ready to register early for the Fourth Annual Ginger Runner Global Run in 2019.

Everyone tends to take videos and live streams and live tweets, Insta check-ins, Facebook lives, Periscopes, and all sorts of other ways of joining in, live, from around the world.

And it is, indeed, a global event. 

And everyone will be hashtagging their posts and shares with the hashtag #GRGR18–you can, too!

They need to be continuous minutes, believe, and not just an accumulation of minutes over the day.  When you sign up well in advance, Ethan and Kim class the entire thing up. If you pay the full $53 race fee, as I did, you end up receiving quite a lot of lovely swag.

I finally received my #GRGR18 swag bag for the third annual #GRGR and it’s generous and wonderful: a performance shirt, a patch, a sticker, a decal, a pin, and a carved keychain thingy. Awesome. Can’t wait for October 7.

I’m only erging now so I need to do some running between now and then. It’s coming up fast. The enameled #GRGR pin made it onto my Filson medium field bag. A daily reminder of #GRGR18.


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