Concept2 Fall Team Challenge

Sunday Fall Team Challenge Update

I spent parts of all day rowing along a little bit at a time but I added 11,289 meters to the 39,946 meters I had accrued. So, according to my lovely Concept2 Logbook’s 2018 Fall Team Challenge page, I’m up to 51,235 meters total–that means I am 25.6175% of the way to my goal of 200,000 meters, 200kms, or 124.27 miles.

9/23/2018 22:1903:24.6587m2602:546630140
9/23/2018 21:4112:56.62,315m2602:4874118137
9/23/2018 21:1007:16.01,296m2602:487466142
9/23/2018 20:1520:01.43,566m2502:4873232138
9/23/2018 17:0105:02.01,016m2602:2910755147
9/23/2018 16:1813:14.82,509m2502:3888131134

Let’s go see how my On-Water Potomac Boat Club team is doing with my limited help (I’m doing what I can, lads).  OK, we’re up to 291,423 meters as a team as of Sunday night.  It looks like we added a rower–we’re up to 13 rowers tonight:

1Michael McGuirk76Bel Air, MDUSA96,973m
2Chris Abraham48Arlington, VAUSA51,235m
3David Wilson67Washington, DCUSA28,000m
4Marc Gwadz52Washington, DCUSA23,956m
5Parker Sheppard32Arlington, VAUSA22,947m
6nils peterson70falls church, VAUSA15,360m
7Mark Morgan67Bethesda, MDUSA14,700m
8William Massimini27Arlington, VAUSA12,852m
9Esther Lofgren33Newport Beach, CAUSA12,000m
10Laura Lauder48Washington, DCUSA11,400m
11Jim Lynch77King George, VAUSA2,000m
12John Granville27Bethesda, MDUSA0m
13Ethan Bauer27Washington, DCUSA0m

I’m keeping to second in the boat in terms of meters. Like I told you before, it’s probably only because most of my fellow PBC oarsmen and oarswomen are still on the water as it’s still lovely out there–a little colder and rainy today, but these are tough people who won’t let some rain or some cold keep them off the Potomac.

When I checked yesterday, the team was 128th amongst all other teams. Now, we’ve moved up three spots to 125th!

122Inter-Coastal ElectronicsCorporate303,379m2611,668m
123Still Rowers AnonymousVirtual300,555m560,111m
124Impressions SawtryHealth/Fitness295,340m836,918m
125Potomac Boat ClubOn-Water291,423m1322,417m
126Japan & Friends Indoor RowersVirtual289,489m557,898m
127Northwich AdultsOn-Water289,309m1816,073m
128Sammamish Rowing AssociationOn-Water288,671m1322,205m

And we’ve moved from 10th to 7th based on only On-Water clubs with 6-20 members:

1Burra indoorOn-Water1,025,898m1193,263m
3612 EnduranceOn-Water582,909m1734,289m
4Bridport Gig Rowing ClubOn-Water534,137m1829,674m
6Hannoverscher Ruder-Club von 1880 e.V.On-Water316,932m1324,379m
7Potomac Boat ClubOn-Water291,423m1322,417m
8Northwich AdultsOn-Water289,309m1816,073m
9Sammamish Rowing AssociationOn-Water288,671m1322,205m
10Gray Knights Rowing ClubOn-Water268,772m929,864m

This might be an example of the tortoise and the hare. Wish me luck! I’ll keep on rowing!

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