10 best and 10 worst places to raise a family in the Unites States of America

Neither Arlington, Virginia, my home, nor Washington, DC, made either of these lists. That said, I’m pretty damn single.

The 10 best cities to raise your family in this year

Here are the Top 10 cities with their total score:

1) Overland Park, KS (total score: 72.88)

2) Irvine, CA (total score: 70.74)

3) Fremont, CA (total score: 70.71)

4) South Burlington, VT (total score: 70.41)

5) Bismarck, ND (total score: 68.73)

6) Plano, TX (total score: 68.17)

7) Fargo, ND (total score: 66.73)

8) Sioux Falls, SD (total score: 65.92)

9) Huntington Beach, CA (total score: 65.76)

10) Gilbert, AZ (total score: 65.32)

The 10 worst cities to raise your family in this year

Here are the 10 worst cities with their total score:

173) Wilmington, DE (total score: 41.70)

174) Birmingham, AL (total score: 41.54)

175) Memphis, TN (total score: 40.79)

176) San Bernardino, CA (total score: 40.71)

177) Baltimore, MD (total score: 40.55)

178) Hialeah, FL (total score: 40.19)

179) Cleveland, OH (total score: 39.22)

180) Miami, FL (total score: 39.13)

181) Detroit, MI (total score: 37.48)

182) Newark, NJ (total score: 37.1)

Via The Ladders and Cornell University.


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