Concept2 Fall Team Challenge

Tuesday Fall Team Challenge Update

I didn’t get as many meters as I wanted tonight primarily because of technical failures. I moved from POLAR H7 back to an old school Garmin ANT+ strap and disabled my USB thumb drive on my PM5 and then needed to swap out a dying Apple iPhone 5 and set up my Samsung S8 Active to work with the ErgData app. All works now. So, I only pulled a quick 8,273 meters. I didn’t row at all yesterday. 

9/25/2018 22:1107:26.01,300mm2502:51.56966134
9/25/2018 21:3610:36.01,909m2502:46.57698132
9/25/2018 21:1303:52.8659m2402:56.66433133
9/25/2018 20:5210:02.91,790m2502:48.47391132
9/25/2018 0:0015:04.22,615m2402:52.868125134

I am now up to 59,508 meters of the 200,000 meters I want to pull before October 15th at midnight.  I am now 29.754% of the way there. Now, onto the Potomac Boat Club team and how we’re doing as of Tuesday night. As of tonight, the team of 13 have pulled 325,659 meters and I’m maintaining my number two position in the boat, in terms of meters rowed:

1Michael McGuirk76Bel Air, MDUSA96,973m
2Chris Abraham48Arlington, VAUSA59,508m
3David Wilson67Washington, DCUSA35,000m
4Parker Sheppard32Arlington, VAUSA34,417m
5Marc Gwadz52Washington, DCUSA31,449m
6nils peterson70falls church, VAUSA15,360m
7Mark Morgan67Bethesda, MDUSA14,700m
8William Massimini27Arlington, VAUSA12,852m
9Esther Lofgren33Newport Beach, CAUSA12,000m
10Laura Lauder48Washington, DCUSA11,400m
11Jim Lynch77King George, VAUSA2,000m
12John Granville27Bethesda, MDUSA0m
13Ethan Bauer27Washington, DCUSA0m

And then when it comes to the PBC team versus other teams we’re the 145th place, down from 125th a couple days ago:

143Rocky River Rec CenterHealth/Fitness331,427m2513,257m
144Corning Community YMCAHealth/Fitness328,809m746,973m
145Potomac Boat ClubOn-Water325,659m1325,051m
146SunDog CrossFitCrossFit323,214m1032,321m
147CrossFit TFBCrossFit322,993m2711,963m
148GRIT MILITIACrossFit319,323m1422,809m

Compared only to other On-Water clubs with 6-20 member teams, we’re 10th, down from 7th place:

1Burra indoorOn-Water1,179,791m11107,254m
3612 EnduranceOn-Water698,765m1741,104m
4Bridport Gig Rowing ClubOn-Water605,683m1833,649m
6Hannoverscher Ruder-Club von 1880 e.V.On-Water488,515m1532,568m
7Gray Knights Rowing ClubOn-Water383,715m942,635m
8Sammamish Rowing AssociationOn-Water363,215m1327,940m
9Northwich AdultsOn-Water362,304m2018,115m
10Potomac Boat ClubOn-Water325,659m1325,051m
11Recovery on WaterOn-Water297,543m837,193m
12Maidstone Invicta RC OnlinersOn-Water294,830m1322,679m

And, personally, I am 1,094th place, up from 1,222th place (huzzah!):

1091Julie SuniF58Empty the Tanks59,634m
1092Lisa WashburnF49Concept2 – Morrisville, VT59,624m
1093Todd QuigleyMKLA-Tencor Rowing Club59,557m
1094Chris AbrahamM48Potomac Boat Club59,508m
1095Olivier EPAILLYM48Aviron Seynois59,464m
1096Stan OverbyM60Greenville Indoor Rowing59,294m
1097Paul LimbreyM46OC Ruggers59,200m

And if you filter On-Water rowers only, I am 72nd, down from 83rd (huzzah!)

70Tim McGovernM54SwanCreek60,464m
71Bob SearlM56Eager Ergers60,000m
72Chris AbrahamM48Potomac Boat Club59,508m
73Joanna InksterF39Burra indoor58,790m
74Daniel MarquardM29Hannoverscher Ruder-Club von 1880 e.V.58,446m

I’ll do better tomorrow. Now that the tech is sorted. I am feeling really good now. My body is really adapting to the rowing. I do need longer sets, however. I would like to do 30-minute steady states and eveb maybe some 40, 50, and hour long steady state sets. That would be good for my body, good for calorie burning, and good for my discipline. I need more discipline and dedication. Wish me luck!


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