Concept2 Fall Team Challenge

Planning for 20 more erging days left in the Concept2 Fall Team Challenge

Concept2 Model C PM3Between now and midnight, October 15, I have 20 full days to row at least 200,000 meters. So far, I’ve rowed 59,508 meters and have 140,492 meters left to go.

That requires me to erg an average of 7,024.6 meters-per-day between now and then. I feel pretty good about this as I’ve been getting in between 8-12km each day I’ve gotten onto the sliding seat.

Concept2 Model C with Red Saucony Jazz TrainersIt’s those missed days that mess everything up.

So, it’s 6:10 am now, Wednesday, 26 September, and I think I’ll start the day with some coffee and then maybe half an hour of rowing, which should be 5,000-6,000 meters logged even before the day gets started, which is good things should go.

Wish me luck! Good morning!

double-thick concept2 indoor rower sliding seat pad

My double-thick Concept2 indoor rower sliding seat pad


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