Concept2 Fall Team Challenge

Thursday Fall Team Challenge Update

At least I am getting some meters in. Slow but sure. Wish me luck. All goes well! Commitment, dedication, and hard word—perserverance—is indeed rewarded. And I learned something: while the top competitors in a Concept2 challenge row hard and far every day of the challenge, everyone else is like the people who join a gym for their new year’s resolution: they’re hot and heavy for a week and then it all goes to pot. Life is just a game of last man standing, I guess. Lesson learned.

9/27/2018 23:0211:07.22,008m25spm02:46.176103cals137bpm
9/27/2018 22:4115:17.92,747m25spm02:47.075140cals132bpm
9/27/2018 20:5811:26.32,000m25spm02:51.569101cals136bpm
9/27/2018 20:1115:08.62,717m23spm02:47.275140cals131bpm
9/26/2018 22:4402:38.3465m27spm02:50.27123cals137bpm
9/26/2018 22:4007:52.31,362m26spm02:53.36769cals132bpm
9/26/2018 9:4208:28.71,651m25spm02:34.09688cals143bpm
9/26/2018 9:3308:34.81,542m25spm02:46.97579cals132bpm
9/26/2018 8:1406:56.61,211m25spm02:52.06961cals126bpm

I’ve added 15,703 meters in the last two days to the 59,508 meters I had accrued. The Concept2 log tells me that equals a total accumulation of challenge meters of 75,211 meters. So, I am 37.6055% of the way towards the 200,000 meters I need to collect by October 15.  Which means I need to average 6,932 meter-per-day through midnight on the 15th.

My team, Potomac Boat Club, has rowed 406,978 meters. I’m still #2!

1Michael McGuirk76Bel Air, MDUSA96,973m
2Chris Abraham48Arlington, VAUSA75,211m
3Paul Holland39 USA45,259m
4David Wilson67Washington, DCUSA42,000m
5Marc Gwadz52Washington, DCUSA39,806m
6Parker Sheppard32Arlington, VAUSA34,417m
7Mark Morgan67Bethesda, MDUSA19,700m
8nils peterson70falls church, VAUSA15,360m
9William Massimini27Arlington, VAUSA12,852m
10Esther Lofgren33Newport Beach, CAUSA12,000m
11Laura Lauder48Washington, DCUSA11,400m
12Jim Lynch77King George, VAUSA2,000m
13John Granville27Bethesda, MDUSA0m
14Ethan Bauer27Washington, DCUSA0m

Here’s the current ranking of the PBC team:

146Knotty KnittersVirtual411,081m1041,108m
147Potomac Boat ClubOn-Water406,978m1429,070m
148Freakin Catalina Wine MixerVirtual402,650m667,108m

Here’s the ranking for on-water teams only with 6-20 members:

9Gray Knights Rowing ClubOn-Water419,182m946,576m
10Potomac Boat ClubOn-Water406,978m1429,070m
11Maidstone Invicta RC OnlinersOn-Water396,042m1624,753m

And, personally, here’s my global performance (previously 1,094th):

983Duccio TessadriM43ESPRIT75,218m
984Chris AbrahamM48Potomac Boat Club75,211m
985Harold GoldsteinM80ANCIENTS75,180m

And here’s my performance based on only on-water rowers (previously 72nd)

57Mark SnyderM52SwanCreek75,265m
58Chris AbrahamM48Potomac Boat Club75,211m
59isabella sotoF16RowLA74,691m

I feel happy with this progress. Keep wishing me luck! It’s working!


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