Concept2 Fall Team Challenge

Saturday Night Fall Team Challenge Update

I flaked on September 28th but am back today, the 29th. I rowed 11,231 meters tonight, adding it to the 75,211 meters I had already logged.

So, as of now, my total challenge meters are 86,442 meters. I’m 43.221% to my goal of reaching 200 kilometers by October 15 at midnight. Wish me luck! 

9/29/2018 23:1110:04.01,791m26spm2:48.67392cals134bpm
9/29/2018 22:3713:30.42,340m26spm2:53.167118cals134bpm
9/29/2018 22:0205:43.61,005m26spm2:50.97051cals136bpm
9/29/2018 21:5506:18.51,072m25spm2:56.56454cals134bpm
9/29/2018 21:3916:09.92,850m26spm2:50.171145cals134bpm
9/29/2018 21:0712:48.12,173m26spm2:56.763109cals128bpm

With regards to my team, the Potomac Boat Club, we’re at 453,312 meters. I’m still second place with regards to the number of meters contributed to the boat. We’re up to 15 rowers now. 

1Michael McGuirk76Bel Air, MDUSA96,973m
2Chris Abraham48Arlington, VAUSA86,442m
3Paul Holland39 USA50,259m
4David Wilson67Washington, DCUSA49,000m
5Marc Gwadz52Washington, DCUSA47,024m
6Parker Sheppard32Arlington, VAUSA34,417m
7nils peterson70falls church, VAUSA19,885m
8Mark Morgan67Bethesda, MDUSA19,700m
9William Massimini27Arlington, VAUSA12,852m
10Esther Lofgren33Newport Beach, CAUSA12,000m
11Laura Lauder48Washington, DCUSA11,400m
12Erica Stieve-Caldwell43Boonsboro, MDUSA11,360m
13Jim Lynch77King George, VAUSA2,000m
14John Granville27Bethesda, MDUSA0m
15Ethan Bauer27Washington, DCUSA0m

That puts us, as a team compared to all other teams, without filters:

156Potomac Boat ClubOn-Water453,312m1530,221m

Compare that to 147th on Thursday. And then, if we filter for on-water and teams with 6-20 members:

11Potomac Boat ClubOn-Water453,312m1530,221m

We were 10th last Thursday. And, with regards to my global performance in the race:

980Chris AbrahamM48Potomac Boat Club86,442m

I moved up from 984th place on Thursday. And, on-water rowers only:

51Chris AbrahamM48Potomac Boat Club86,442m

Last Thursday I was 58th place, so I am slowly moving up the ranks! That makes me happy enough that I am going to close for now and get some sleep and get back onto the Concep2 tomorrow and try to stop missing more days.


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