Concept2 Fall Team Challenge

Monday night Fall Team Challenge update

I added 16,643 meters over the last couple days, adding them to the 86,442 meters I had on Saturday. That puts me over 100km so far.

As of tonight, I have pulled a total of 103,085 meters towards my goal of 200,000 meters on my Model C Concept2 (with PM5 upgrade) by midnight on October 15 for the Concept2 Fall Team Challenge.

10/1/2018 19:4806:52.21,244m27spm02:45.67764cals146
10/1/2018 19:2815:30.32,791m25spm02:46.676143cals145
10/1/2018 18:4520:05.83,489m26spm02:52.868176cals135
9/30/2018 22:5015:04.22,766m27spm02:43.480143cals152
9/30/2018 22:2015:21.32,737m24spm02:48.373140cals147
9/30/2018 21:4520:05.13,616m26spm02:46.676186cals144

The Potomac Boat Club has 547,284 meters as a team.  I am now in position one on the boat:

1Chris Abraham48Arlington, VAUSA103,085m

The overall, global, team’s ranking is now 145 (up from 156):

145Potomac Boat ClubOn-Water547,284m1439,092m

Limited to on-water with 6-20 member, we’re 10th (down from 11th):

10Potomac Boat ClubOn-Water547,284m1439,092m

And, personally, globally, I’m ranked at 877 (down from 980):

877Chris AbrahamM48Potomac Boat Club103,085m

And then, with just on-water, I’m 52nd (up from 51st):

52Chris AbrahamM48Potomac Boat Club103,085m

I’m satisfied with everything so I am off and I’ll be rowing more tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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