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Advice for college rowing from British university rowers

UEABC Crest University of East Anglia UEA NorwichWhen I studied at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, rowing was very amateur. Now, UEA Rowing has a Facebook Page, a Wikipedia Page, and a Student Union page for The University of East Anglia Boat Club (UEABC). Apparently, our slogan was and is ‘Fortune Favours the Brave.’ I was on a boat and actually rowed in Cambridge. And lost, then drank lots of red wine. Here’s some advice about rowing at uni from British Rowing (I am sure that the lads and ladies are brill now at the UEABC as Norwich has been approved as an England Talent Pathway for Rowing.  Here’s the list:

  1. Besides training and travelling, you will develop an unbelievably close bond with the people who stick at the sport throughout the year. 
  2. Fuelling your two sessions a day, six days a week is no mean feat. It literally becomes a case of fuel, burn and repeat, so it’s important to vary your diet or at least put peanut butter on your malt loaf once in a while.
  3. Waking up early never gets easier. An unwritten rule of regattas, head races and general training is that the earlier something starts, the better. Make the most of your lie-ins, when you can, and learn to recognise the beauty of a winter’s sunrise.
  4. No pleasure without pain. Competitive rowing is an endurance sport that requires hour after hour at the grindstone. There’s no way round it, you have to embrace the pain!
  5. Rowing gives you a sense of impetus when it comes to completing academic work. As you’re training six days a week with outings, weights and land sessions all taking place after lectures, the self-discipline you gain from rowing enables you to eradicate procrastination.

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