Day One of Becoming a Spin Goddess at CycleBar

I started walking at ten-til 7 PM because I remembered that there was a little over a mile between me and CYCLEBAR Columbia Pike by foot, walking.

I don’t know what happened but my GPS obviously glitched when I got to CB

So, it takes me at least 23 or so minutes so I really need to head out 45-minutes early so that I have enough time to get there at least ten minutes early to get undressed, stow my stuff in the locker, put in earplugs, sort out the bike for seat height handlebar positioning, and get a few minutes to warm up and prepare before the class starts at exactly when it says it does.

Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus With Carbon Blue

Actually, I started reading a book called Bike Shorts and it suggests getting to your class a full 15-minutes early—especially if you’re new to spinning or new to the studio. I think getting there 15-minutes is early because it allows a lot of time for mistakes—if you’re late—and for a nice slow transition—from the day.

Here’s the data that CYCLEBAR emails you after the class.

It was really good but I really chilled and didn’t do any of the upper-body workout stuff or any of the push-ups or the fore-aft, back-forth stuff. And I didn’t always get out of the seat when I was asked or sit down, either. But, I had fun and Natalie was cool with it and so was Marina, the studio owner.

My stats on Strava
My stats from my Garmin 920xt were different from CYCLEBAR’s

I chatted with Marina and Natalie and another lovely lady for a while and then hoofed it home. I stopped at Giant to shop and also watched some of that new stupid show: America’s Got Talent: Champions. I got sucked in and warmed up in the little cafe area that Giants have but nobody really uses. Ergo, the hour-long schlepp when it should have only taken 25 minutes, door-to-door.

Walking home without GPS glitch but with stop in at the Giant.
How I bundled up for my walk there and back.


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