CYCLEBAR Columbia Pike Spin Club Studio

Second Spin at CYCLEBAR

I took the advice given in the book Bike Shorts: arrive 15-minutes early. So I left at like 5 til 7 and walked the mile to class.

In fact, everyone did tonight and the instructor of my 19:30 class at CYCLEBAR on Columbia Pike in South Arlington was flabbergasted. Maybe everyone downloaded the book, it is in Amazon Unlimited.

I set my bike up quickly. The seat was already good. I’m still breaking in these new Bontrager Solstice cycling shoes. They’re the right size, though, which is great because my old Specialized shoes are a little tight.

I wore bike seat padded underwear with a gell pad underneath my JL Racing unisuit. I wore a Scosche Rhythm+ on my upper arm and a Polar H7 around my chest.

The computer in the bike synced with one of them. And a ran my 920xt during the workout.

I had fun this time but still just rode my own ride. No bopping up and down. No spin dancing. No weight training. But I pushed hard in some places and really cranked down the handle and grinded out of the seat.

After the class they offer wine after the Wednesday night class. It was fun. I met a woman named Nicki or Nicky or Nikki and hung with Marina and the instructor, Natalie. I had a clear plastic cup of white wine, chatted some more, and then walked a mile home.

I ate some protein, drank loads of water, took a hot shower and did some good old fashioned shower laundry. Since I shower with Dawn, it was perfect. Everything’s hung to dry and I’m trying to wind down before bed.


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