Screw Your Running Shoes This Winter Season With 36 1/2″ Sheet Metal Screws

I subscribe to StrideBox and I found this postcard in the box that I wanted to share with you. If you plan to run all Winter long, you can make it through the snow and the ice with aplomb with just 36 1/2″ sheet metal screws. Here’s the card that I scanned for you:

The card that StrideBox sent with my latest Winter 2019 box

Matt Carpenter from Skyrunner has all the detailed info on their site/blog but here’s a fair use excerpt:

  • “Sheet metal screws with hex heads are awesome because the head on them has a lip that really grips well on ice”
  • “#8 1/2″ long screws work fine in most shoes because they do not go through the shoe yet they are long enough that they don’t come out too easily”
  • 100 pack of #8 1/2″ Sheet Metal Screws – Good for most shoes”
  • “A cordless drill with a magnetic tip and a 1/4″ socket can do a shoe in less than a minute and makes the project almost fun!”
  • “I have 18 screws in each shoe just because someone else had 17”
  • “The screws in the heel are more important than the ones in the front”

I already had bought the metal screws to affix to shoes but haven’t done it yet this season.

My mason jar of #8 1/2″ Sheet Metal Screws

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