End of My 1st Week 3rd Ride at CYCLEBAR Columbia Pike

I got to walking to the gym early enough that I got there in plenty of time to get into my SPD shoes and put in earplugs against all the awesome-but-loud pop, rock, and house:

Then I attended the class of Sylva Hříbková who instructed the Happiest of Hours class on Friday last. It’s a weekly 45-minute class at 6:30 PM at the CYCLEBAR Columbia Pike, my Spinning HQ.

I finally got my seat right. I no longer knocked my knees on the bars. I no longer either had too much of a bend in my knee or a not enough bend locked-out knees with their associated tilting pelvis and sore bottom. Nope, I got it right. Number 18 on the Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue seat tube (and just over K on my Keiser M3).

The music was good and directly from Eastern and Mediterranian Europe thanks to the recently-arrived from Eastern Europe Sylva Hříbková. She’s got so much energy and is so motivational and energetic and accepting and the music’s cool and the class goes by really quickly. I am happy to add her class to my TGIF.

Then, hoofing it home, stage 1:

Some chicken from Giant for the post-workout protein blast and then stage 2:

And then the week was over.

I am writing this on Sunday, however, as I hadn’t gotten to it. My next ride is tomorrow night at 7:30 PM with Natalie again tomorrow night. I am quite looking forward to it. Very exciting!


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